Dear Eastsider: How do I report a water waster?

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The city began its new restrictions on water use this week just in time for some rare June showers. However, those water conservation rules and penalties for breaking them still apply. Jake from Silver Lake writes in to ask how he can report a water waster:

“I live in Silver lake near Bellevue park. Every morning I walk my dog in the neighborhood. There is one neighbor whose sprinklers are always on. The water runs off into the street and flows down to the intersection. Last night it rained slightly and this morning there was her lawn, being watered as usual. I’d report this to the neighbor directly, but they’re never home and I’ve left notes to no avail.I know the City is rationing our watering of lawns, but how do I report this neighbor’s abuse?”

The answer is simple. Email or call the Department of Water & Power. However, anyone got suggestions as to how to gently remind a neighbor they might be breaking the water rules without threatening to call in the DWP’s Prius-driving Water Conservation Team?

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