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An Echo Park resident named Beth* asks who might be responsible for all the tagging in Victory Memorial Grove, a World War I monument, in Elysian Park above Lilac Terrace.

“We are getting tagged every day with OSB or OSV. They keep spray painting the memorial in the grove, which really sucks. A kindly neighbor painted over the ones on the war memorial and used paint remover to take it off of the plaque but the tree and garbage can are still freshly tagged. The best I can find out, OBS stands for ‘Oriental Boy Soldiers.'”

* The full name of this resident has been removed at her request.

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  1. The people responsible for the tagging are a bunch of little kids 6 members of the tagging crew called osiri boys they are not dangerous but they just tagg they tagg more in other places than in their one block they claim

  2. The people responsible for the graffiti(Osiris BoyS) are not little kids. They are a very dangerous group of people. The V on top stands for “Varrio” which translated in english means “turf” or “neighborhood”. And that “13” in the bottom means that they are affiliated with the Mexican Mafia or “Eme” which means the letter M in spanish. And with the letter M being the thirteenth letter on the alphabet, that is how they represent their affiliation. They are always more than likely to be armed & dangerous… and especially if they are up at Victory Memorial Grove. It would be probable that if they are up there searching for their rivals “Echo Park Locos” who are more often reffered as “Sperms” or “Mechos” which is vulgure way of saying sperm in spanish. If you ever see graffiti starting with the “V” and ending with the “13” crossed out by another simular faction, It is most likely that there is a Turf war unfolding and you must contact local law enforcement agencys ASAP.

  3. many of you got to stop thinking that anything with 13 means mafia even before the eme started many barrios used the 13 the 13 standed for marijuana and these numbers and these numbers were used way before the eme

  4. David: You actually said that older varrios used the number 13 for marijuana. Hahaha in what city because in L.A before the M came around they where pachucos. Gangs used to go by their names like white fence 38 st gang etc. The number 13 is a must for real gangs that are hispanic or connected with the mexican mafia. Back to the subject obs 13 has a good reputation around here it is not a tagging krue. In the early 90’s they died out a gang called angelino heights. After they took over their area and angelino heights had to move to sacramento. Thats how scared they were from the osiriboys that they moved far away.

  5. this guy old school aint old school. he dont know his own history im a resident in the area im 45 years old and a retired gangmember, back in the days there was no obs it was named after a guy whos last name was osiri after that they became osiri-boys just added the boys after it, anybody would tell you we are the oldest chicano varrio here , anyways back to the subject, they were an off shoot gang of a smaller gang name angelino heights aka “fags” dubbed, angelino heights used to be called angelino boys in the late 60’s but as they got older the new generation changed their name to los locos aka lil lokas haha ask any of their older jentes they would tell you that obs are ahts rejects as for ahts being around they are still around the area but in small numbers honestly i can say i see more action from ahts then any other varrio. obs just comes around once a year and hits up when all the little gangsters are asleep but yea eastsider just a little known fact about our gangs here around the echo park area…

  6. Lol wow. Damond st. are a bunch of meth or heroin addicts and you are probly one to aka diaper.

  7. Granpa should be hanging out with his grandkids instead of talking about gangs..obs never got along with angelinos they got there name from the area elysian valley look into it they started as a football team then became a club then a gang and by the way diamond is a non active gang

  8. The individual claiming dst is just a claimer. Hes from a small non existent gang called ahts. Thats been eliminated by the osiriboys. He just wants attention.

  9. First things first..obs were from a crew called c.o.s children of Satan (early 90s) obs came along same era. Small barrio but have gunners..as for AHTS there numbers are low..TEARDROP LOCOS was also another barrio in that area…as for DST They’re an old barrio but have decreased from pressure from ECHO PARK G’s and TEMPLE ST…DST Ain’t kicking up no dust…

  10. I seen two of those fools one fat guy and one skinny guy real late at night tagging near the Chinatown area…Pretty much sure they’re meth out

  11. OBS started in 1988. Originally OBS was called Bedrock Boys and the hood was in the alley that crosses from Laveta to Douglas. The founders of that hood went to Belmont High School and played football with Rockwood, Renegades, Rascals and all these other hood football teams. Osiri stands for egyptian god of the underground world. In 1988-90 OBS had about 120 active members. When EXP pressured many footbal team hoods like Renegades and OBS to jump into EP, OBS started to lose popularity, many heads started to jump out after EP would bully them. OBS is one of those hoods that died out in 1989 and will never get the respect or be seen as a big time OG varrio. BTLS is another one of those hoods, that never really became legit. Yeah you will see OBS tagged up, but it will never be a historic hood like C14, or F13. Just a varrio that never was.

  12. all of these little toys, especially BTL need a lesson in REAL cholo graffiti, or glasses. it’s like they all learned lettering from some 12 year old in Woodland Hills

  13. Not in youre life

    So much talk about OBS OSIRI BOYS…chiquito is talking about history C14 or F13 but in the area no one cares about them..chiquito are you one of the “heads” that got scared?Do you even know the founders of it or BIG TOP LS?you sound like youre making it up…OBS aint nothing but you sure are worried about them…

  14. The original varrios in EP area of the 1940’s was Alpine st and Diamond St. They participated in the zoot suit riots according to a 55 yr old veterano from EXP. This veterano made it clear that EXP started in the 70’s and it was called EP BOYS. You can call me a varrio historian “not your life” because i know about most hoods in that area. Do your research on how obs started, ask your og’s if they still live there which i doubt. OBS was a stepping stone club, a few got into CYS, EP or RW in 1990. Obs back then was not taken serious even though that hood had some crazy members. Obs was not a major figure in that area..no disrespect.

  15. Not in youre life

    Youre assuming im from OSIRI BOYS..i just know how things went down in the 80s 90s & the 00s in echo park/angelino heights…i know people from all those hoods…but youre trying to speak up about hoods like you know whats up.all youre info is second hand…

  16. so trivial, with your affiliations and your turf histories… the real problem is that none of these young kids know anything about how to write a cholo alphabet anymore. i can’t take any of them seriously. no creativity, so we have 14 year-olds shooting to kill instead. imbecile children of imbecile parents… and what have you chroniclers done besides try to make yourselves feel important? write a book if you know so much.

  17. I didnt have to be from a hood to know first hand. I knew alot of people from those hoods too. I saw it. I even played football with some of them. If you know how things went down back then does that make your info second hand too? Anyway, Lilac Boys was I think to be the first active enemy of obs as well as Delta st . If you know how things went down then you would know that. As far as you Ryan, the cholo writing back then was more about block style. RW as far as I know knew how to write very well with a krylon and probably still does. Delta St always used caligraphy on the walls.

  18. Not in youre life

    I agree RSL had good writing..Its do inpart to them being mostly taggers from MAK.most of their hood is still comprised of taggers..LILAC BOYS? It was actually Tierra Boys they were OBS first enemies…i used to play football all the time in elysian park…

  19. Lilac Boys hood was between douglas and that street going up to the stadium off Sunset on Lilac Ave. TBS i think got into EP because i never saw them after 1988 and I never heard no obs member talk beef about TBS. I think TBS was like Coronado Boys, you knew they were there but didnt cause static. Another thing to point out, while everyone was on the nuts of CYS CRS RSL RGS,– BIG TOP LS had beef with all the popular hoods and where somewhat independent. They had beef with everyone including older bigger barrios like 18 which would actually go to there hood and hit up; if you get 18 st attention, youre somebody. EP however respected them and got along up until RGS got into EP. It also didnt help that BTLS was aligned with TRS which im sure was the main cause of beef between most football clubs.

  20. @Chiquito your most likely a obs reject. When you were young maybe you were a wanna be that never got recruited. Everyone knows that obs and exp used to hang out and post up on pioneers market. When ep notice obs out number them they decided to tell them it was time to join in. Obs said no and thats how the war started. Ep said were older since the 30’s not like you missed info since the 70’s . Even white people in the area know that lol. This war gained the respect that obs now has. Since ep was older and obs new and ep couldnt make obs drop. All the people in the area know that obs has eliminated other hoods. They died out olbz vsr santa inez boys and ahts. They also made diamond st bow down and ep dissapear in the mid 90’s. Even gangland has an episode about obs.

  21. @chiquito its funny how you go from west los to south central in different times. Florence started in the 30’s compared them to 38 st that also started in the 30’s. White fence is from east los they started in the 30’s compared them to maravillas also starting in the 30’s. Obs along with btls cys started in the late 80’s you could compared them. Everyone knows that obs and 18 used to go at it in the 90’s obviously you were somewhere else. Obs was first called varrio osires not bedrock boys they had a click called bedrock locos along with tear drop the view brownstones alley rats and etc. You could come here with your miss info even ep veteranos show respect to obs. Like crazy mike from ep. Now days theres two ep ex members that are obs members. The only members from obs that joined other hoods are the ones that got kick out from obs thats maybe you hahaha lol.

  22. Scarleg you must dont know the truth and got your sources from National Enquirer. Looks like im going to have to school you and be your ghetto tour guide. EP and Obs never kicked it together. Maybe played kickball together as kids in Logan or waited at the bus stop at pioneer to go to King. But that dont mean they kicked it together. Well respected and known members from obs got into ep in 89 when it was dying out. Yeah you had members with pistolas but that dont mean you were deep. Anyone can carry a gun and be down. This will trip you out….the war between ep and obs started when spy was taken out. Obs thought it was ep and retaliated. All along it was Ahts. How do I know? A member from EP confirmed it was ahts. You really think obs dropped vsr? It was the new apartment complex they built on that dead end that ended vsr. You took out AH? It was most likley the high rent in that corner that drove them out. DST is still there. Go into Firmin st and check things out. TH

  23. The only thing obs has taken out in the neighborhood is the trash on monday mornings. You got to be smoking weed when you say Gangland made an episode. You gotta have a hood first before you can film.

  24. Not in youre life

    By the way lilac boys was also a part of OBS…they hung out in lilac park..get youre right..DLS were cool with OBS they had like 5 members.

  25. Not in youre life

    Hey chiquito youre starting to sound like a snitch save that fake info for streetgang.com…”i confirmed” dont try to act like youre somebody I agree with scarleg and ryan you probly were some lil punk kid that never was apart of this area

  26. haha your right i am from somewhere else, not far. I tend to stir things up just to see how cholos react. Im done.

  27. @chiquito hes an ahts ex member. They always come here with fake ID’S and fairytales no one believes. Even the cops would laugh if they hear ahts kill spy. After all they caught that ep guy with the murder weapon lol. Next thing chiquito is gonna say ah killed kenedy haha lol. And that la onda lives he knows the founders lol. Even w la lifer from ep said here obs have gunners. You didnt see the episode cause you dont have cable. Everyone knows vsr kick it after next to the mortuary and ah migrated up north in fear of obs. Chiquito sounds like obs used to take your lunch money and throw you in trash cans. Your parents wouldnt allow you to kick it with obs. So all you have is fairytales. You dont even know who the phantoms were located. Ohh my bad your gonna get second hand info just like a groopie here and there lol.


  29. Now chiqito is claiming to be w la lifer. You could tell he’s from ah always illusinating lol .

  30. pssst. pssst. Scarleg aka old school aka cesar zamora aka yster aka rata..ahaha. You think your slick haha. I lived in EP for two years and even I know that your a netbanger haha. Word travels pretty quick nowadays and its not like if I care. Your too grown to be netbanging. Your already 30 and still acting like a peewee. Grow up and get a life perro.

  31. All of you foos are snitches.coming on here ratting each other out…

  32. I knew it your Luis Tapia aka raskal the k 9 of the area. Shouldnt you be on youtube bangin I unmasked you lol. Evidence that ahts are informants haha lol.

  33. Is it me or this guy “Scarleg” is using 4 different names on this comment board ” Scarleg,Not In Your Life, Jhon Doe, old school ” Seems like this loser gangbanger is trying to glorify his punk gang i am caucasion and not from a gang and i could tell he is an internet gang member. If nobody can see it they are blind. LOSER….GET A LIFE….

  34. Not in youre life youre right im not caucasian im an asian gangmember that passes myself of as a member of the community search for me on youtube screen name nikexcortez.im all over the internet because im fascinated by the thug lifestyle..I JUST WANT TO BELONG! Please dont judge me for being a snitch from olb..

  35. Not In Your Life

    To everybody on here Yes it is true i am Yster from OBS OSIRIBOYS GANG X3 I enjoy using many different names such as scarleg,old school, on this site as well as youtube yxster and shydaddy and that dblock ull find me. I love Internet gossip i sometimes fantasize of my gang to be on gangland that is why i promote my gang online so hopefully 1 day the history channel recognizes my lil 3 man gang.Oh and i forgot to mention my tagging gang has a big crush on the CYS gang even though they call me a snitch i got love for mayberry.

  36. They call me stalker from exp.even though no one has ever of me I used to tag blick from ndo..i made some lame videos about my drug addict hood..check em out my screenname is 90026allday..

  37. @ ceaser first off nice name your my tocayo, well my gang started in the late 1980’s my big homie spy is the 1 who started osiri boys back then we were all football teams we wanted to be a part of another team called angelino boys but they were arrogant so we said the hell with them so my big homie spy started recruiting homies and all of a sudden we were a big gang. pushing all hoods to the side such as ahts teardrop vsr lilac boys exp dst as fast as my gang started it ended in the early 1990’s but now we are trying to bring it back up , im trying hard on youtube and on here to get attention thats right puro obs gang homies y arriba michoacan cabrones prrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!

  38. My name is stalker from exp my homeboys are all getting killed if you shoot one of us were for sure going to dump em in an alley somewhere..99.9% of my homies are junkies all I do is prowl the internet to snitch since I said before im unknown in the streets…the guys from tst have me being a gay prostitute up the ave so I can support my meth addiction.give me some meth and ill support any enemy gang.

  39. this thread is the online equivalent of graffiti that hasn’t been painted over. time to call 311.

  40. I agree exp are snitches

  41. I see people are trying to used my name for ignorant purposes. You could tell is not me by their grammar. It sounds to me that angelino heights,olbz and exp are informants.

  42. Oh and forgot to mention OBS are snitches 2.

  43. The guy above me is a reject wannabe that claims exp

  44. Chiquito=rampart area highland park hawthorne

  45. Echo x Parque will always be numero UNO.AND SECOND TO NONE RATAS…….

  46. YXSTER OBS 13 Ceaser Zamora

    Now hold on here my varrio is the real deal eastsider take it from somebody that has been in these streets. Yes i am from obs OSIRIBOYS 12 OOPS I MEAN 13. I am a true definition of a net banger. I am indeed Old School, Stalker, Not In Your Life etc… Youll know what i mean. Go back and look at all these comments i am glorifying my gang big bad OSIRI!! YEEEEE HAWWWW… Ke viva Osiriboys..Yes we are in fact a non exsistant gang but we will continue to tag around the echo park area you know that’s all we do. When we see an enemy we run to our house hide and when they come shoot we shoot back and get lucky and when the police comes we call it self defense and start giving out names. There is about 2 members left as of june 10 2011 as you can tell we hav’nt been tagging lately in the area u’ll know what i mean if you live in the Angelino Heights area we are scared of Ahts Dst ExP and Olb so eastsider please dont delete my comment I in fact am the real deal on this thread. thank you have a nice day.

  47. just so you know obs is from san diego

  48. Alexis Montague

    You’re all so internet tough! Way to go guys!

  49. Angelino heights are snitches olb even worse echo park of course. Thats all they do.

  50. well i was very close to OBS gang (the begining, early to mid 80’s). i even went to the football games (they had there own football bags with a logo of a grimreeper aka OSIRI with OSIRI BOYS in old english i even remember the color of the football bag purple with white straps) most of the vatos were from the belmont high. also i was very close to MR. SPY well lets just say i grew up with the homie. i have seen on how mecoxfarts got worried on how OBS was growing due to the fact that there was alot of “clicas” at that time so the mecos could get all of these small “clicas” in there gang can’t remember which gangs were but i do know that OBS wasn’t on of them. i do know the mecos and OBS never got along. the pioneer market was the spot if they wanted to retaliate on each other. when pistolas wasn’t really a way on showing which is a better varrio (football, even rumbles). now from the death of MR. SPY was because mecosxfarts knew that he was a major vato of the OBS gang, more like a treat. i also know that it was the mecos that killed him there was a witness, from what i could remember they got that murderer the same day. i also know where was the shooting at it was on douglas st. he was getting his life together because he was becoming a father. that is why i hate all the mecosxfarts but i guess thats the life MR. SPY has chosen. i was surprise on how my dear friend MR. SPY was mention here and i just wanted to get this straight. true love to the OBS13 GANG!


    if you dont know your history i suggest you dont speak about it mr backs exp never killed spy , who told you that fairytale? let me guess your older homeboys from youre varrio right?big dreamer, oso, dusty, from exp used to hang around the angelino boys back in the late 80’s they were kool back then up untill the late 90’s when exp started claiming streets around the angelino heights area thats how the beefs started in ep yea we wanted every hood to bang with us but they couldnt hang with the big ep gang so thats why they got wiped off the map. just like your make believe hood get your facts sttraight. it was another varrio who got spy not ep boys!!!

  52. everybody knows it was ep who killed spy “echo park resident 77” your not from ep all your info is 100% false you must be just someone imagining things. Backs your info is correct

  53. look to EVERYONE is very hard to explain to some pepole that i know for a FACT the mecosxfarts where to ones, that killed MR SPY. i also did mentioned there was witnesses. i really wanted not to post nothing because i knew that someone would post something back like “meco fart resident 77” and yes id do know all those homies that he mention. i also sure that they would say that mecoxfarts did the shooting. im also tying to remember that name of the person who shot MR. SPY. (i will find out) i do know that there was three of them. so for meco fart resident 77 please just stop blaming fagelino. last thing mecoxfarts might had wipe out some clicas but not vOBS13.


    • yawn. that gang-thing is so played out. being in a gang from the beggin [sic] ain’t something to be proud of. low-life.

  55. All you fools posting bs like you know what’s up in Angelino Heights and Echo Park don’t know shit. I was born and raised in L.A on East Kensington Road. First off, OBS wasn’t a click from no other riffa(gang) .My neighbors brother started that shit as a tagging crew, and guys use to hang out in kick it and play football against other people it became much more when Echo Park wanted them to bow down n be a click & OBS said Hell No!!!!!! Then the shit went down when they shot and killed my friend spy in front of his pregnant girlfriend Martiza. ( I was there) matter a fact they shot her as well and you can take that shit to the bank. I am not a gang member or ex gang member, just a regular chick that grew up there and kicked it with my friends who happened to be from OBS n have friends whose families and boyfriends were from Echo Park



  58. Evil??how do the homies know you?? I know all the vatos you mentioned..


  60. OBS (Osiri Boys) is not respected as a major league gang. Let’s keep it real. When you hit the county or pen, you will never run into them. They do not have representation. They probably should have become a clicque off a real (bigger) neighborhood for power + respect. Instead they chose to keep their individual identity, which is fine, but the price they paid is to now be considered a neighborhood with no clout. I remember seeing wazzy, buzzard, ziggy and rigo in school back in the day, and although they were solid, i always felt like their neighborhood was in the little leagues and not the big leagues like dst, 18, ms, rwst, tst, etc.

  61. So what ese you aint anybody important.nobody needs your approval.just cause you knew a couple of homies doesnt mean you know my hood.the homie rigo wasnt even in the same age group as those vatos.get your facts straight.if you have a co dependacy disorder thats your problem.pocos pero locos get that straight ese.you cant say my varrio wasnt active and still active.WSOX3


  63. What about them??

  64. Definitely not Oriental Boy Soldiers. They are a gang from East Side San Diego.

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