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Daily Archives: July 7, 2009

Around The Eastsider

Stories and items from other parts of the blog: * A poetic moment at the Echo Park pool and other new work by writer Steve Abee. Eastsider on the Go * What not to wear at Highland Park’s Franklin High. School YardPhoto by Compartor via Flickr Read More »

Live from the Michael Jackson Memorial …

It’s East Los Angeles resident Justino Aguila, who is Twittering his fingers away as the MJ Memorial service unfolds at Staples Center. His most recent tweet: “People shouting that Michael is going to heaven. Brooke Shields takes to the stage.“ Photo by Justino Aguila via TwitPic Read More »

East LA College goes after the art crowd

Perhaps the biggest annual event at East Los Angeles College is the East Los Angeles Classic, which draws thousands to watch the Garfield and Roosevelt high school football teams face off in the campus stadium. But college leaders want to attract a new type of fan ... Read More »