The sounds of love are not welcome in Los Feliz *

How far away can the noise of a rave concert be heard? The residents of Los Feliz and parts of Silver Lake now know the answer: about seven miles. That’s the distance between Los Feliz and the Los Angeles Sports Arena, which was the site last Saturday night of the Love Festival, a large rave music event held near USC. The baseline and sound from the outdoor concert was loud enough at times to be heard and felt several miles away near Griffith Park, prompting residents to complain to Councilman Tom LaBonge and Los Angeles Coliseum Commission. The complaints and concert noise might sound familiar to Echo Park residents, many of whom lost sleep over a techno music and dance concert at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, located next door to the Sports Arena, back in June.

“Did you have a sleepless night?” asks an email newsletter sent out by Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council this week. The council blamed the Love Festival:

“Many GGPNC stakeholders have complained about the loud thumping noise (music?) that vibrated through our area Saturday night until 4am Sunday morning. It actually came from a concert 7 miles away in the Sports Arena Coliseum area. This weekend’s concert went on with hours of thumping bass despite complaints about a similar Coliseum concert in late June. Did those complaints fall on deaf ears at City Hall despite apparent violations of the City’s noise laws?”

Coliseum Commission spokesman Jon Lee said the staff is looking into the complaints. Lee said it’s not clear why the two music events prompted so many complaints this year since they have been held in previous years without much notice – at least from residents in Echo Park, Silver Lake & Los Feliz.

“We are not denying it was an issue … but the event this past weekend has been going on for years,” Lee said. “We are talking with the sound company to see if they have done anything different’ this year.

A reggae concert is scheduled this Sunday at the Sports Arena. However, if Los Feliz and Silver Lake residents are kept awake by loud music this coming weekend they should hold off from complaining to the Coliseum Commission. The noise will most likely be coming from the bands playing outdoors at the Sunset Junction Street Fair. Keep your ear plugs handy.

* Update: Los Feliz councilman Tom LaBonge’s response to resident’s complaints about the concert noise:

“My Field Deputy Mary Rodriguez has since spoken to Councilmember Bernard Parks’ office – since the Sports Arena is in his district – as well as the Coliseum’s general manager, Pat Lynch. She relayed the concerns addressed in dozens of complaints from both Los Feliz and Franklin Hills. She told him that this noise nuisance also occurred in June. Mr. Lynch has assured us that he will fully investigate the situation with sound engineers, determine why this problem occurred and rectify the problem. According to Mr. Lynch the festival has been going on for ten years and quite possibly one of the stages was moved or amplifying system was misdirected to the north, which caused it to reverberate to our neighborhood.

Many of you have raised the issue that noise ordinances may have been violated. I assure you that we will look into this as well. My staff will be delivering a copy of your e-mails to Councilmember Parks and to the L.A. Coliseum Commission. I expect to have this situation rectified before any other concerts at the Sports Arena.”

Photo of the 2008 Love Festival by Caesar Sebastian via Flickr

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  1. Atmospheric conditions can also drastically change how far and intensely the sound can carry. Usually foggy nights with alot of moisture in the air tend to transmit sound much further.

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