Dear Eastsider: What’s the best way to catch a bunny?

The question comes from an Echo Park woman who spent part of last night trying to help capture a rabbit on Lemoyne Street. Several weeks ago, a different resident reported spotting a bunny on Grafton Street. The Eastsider himself has spotted a white rabbit on the parkway near Morton and Echo Park Avenues – a brave bunny given all the dogs, cats and coyotes running around. Is this the same rabbit or is Echo Park in the middle of a bunny baby boom? Anyway, here are the details of last night’s bunny hop and a plea for advice:

“I spent 15 minutes last night trying to help a neighbor
catch a rabbit near lemoyne street. the rabbit looked to be in good health. i also saw another rabbit near magic gas. where are all these rabbits coming from? and do you know the best way to catch them? this woman i was helping was trying to [throw] a blanket over the rabbit …”

Update: Echo Park bunny captured via iPhone.

Photo by Sheesho/Flickr

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  1. I don't know if anyone will still read this, but i live on kent street near alvarado and my brother and i found a bunny in our alley about six weeks ago. we adopted her and she is so amazing a sweet!!! according to a neighbor, she had been hanging around her her yard for a couple of months. i posted on craig's list when we first took her in, and the one response i got was from another woman who had found bunnies in the same area. she said that she had heard that there is a breeder in the area and maybe they are escaping?anyways, our pet escaped one night and we spent over an hour trying to get her. finally we had to corner her with a big plastic bin-lid to block her escape, i wrapped her in a towel and was able to carry her home.

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