Big boom rattles Highland Park

Firefighters were deployed through Highland Park tonight after residents reported hearing what sound liked a large explosion that sent car alarms blaring and was felt at a nearby fire station. There have been no reports of injuries or signs of damage in connection with the large boom, which was reported shortly after 8 PM, said Brian Humphrey, a spokeswoman with the Los Angeles Fire Department. The initial reports indicated that the source of the sound came from Avenue 52 and Monte Vista Street, he said. “The firefighters [at station No. 12] felt it – and they are six-tenths of a mile a way,” he said.

Firefighters searching the neighborhood for possible damage were approached by residents curious as to what was the source of the boom. On Twitter, meanwhile, Highland Park residents were also trying to figure out what happened. “The BOOM remains a mystery,” said HLP90042 “Glad it wasn’t a gas explosion. Centralized around 5200 block 90042 rules out sonic boom. But it WAS crazy loud.


  1. This just happened again in Highland park a little while ago. Everyone rushed outside from all the apartments, but nobody could determine the origin. There was no smell or damage. All car alarms were going off.

  2. It happened twice last night, and just happened again right now.. It shakes all the windows and sets off car alarms… super annoying

  3. i just heard another boom last night at 12.05 am. i’m in eagle rock on the north side of the chickasaw hill. not loud enough to set off car alarms over here but definitely sounded like a cannon went off. ground shook. WHAT IS THE CAUSE OF THIS???

  4. Last night around 12-1am my romate and I heard a deep loud boom. sounded like a sonic boom or cannon, it was far away but it was still very loud, you could feel it and shook the windows.. very weird..

  5. mayor of chinatown

    Wasn’t far away from me at all. I thought my whole roof caved in, then ran outside and saw my neighbor who thought his roof caved in too. Didn’t seem like a sonic boom – didn’t have that pop. I live at the top of Victor Heights across from the LAFD training center. Did anyone else hear this?

  6. I heard a boom last night (7/23), maybe 3 AM or so. I am in Eagle Rock and this has happened several times. Can’t figure out what it is but very scary when it happens.

  7. Ricki I think I heard the same explosion as you however it was technically at 3:09 am on 7/24. I’m also in eagle rock close to townsend. It was extremely loud and I thought a transformer blew up or something like that. Definitely was not a firecracker. I also heard a second explosion much further away at 3:19 am. I phoned it into non emergency police line and they just logged the call without providing much information. I’d love to get to bottom of this.

  8. hi ricki, i heard it too, same night, followed by sirens. wish i knew what it was because was really unnerving.

  9. I know this is old news, but Sunday Nov. 7th of this year, there was another very loud and mysterious boom. Loud. Like a grenade going off. The concussion shook the house, and we felt it in our chests. Went outside, no smoke, fire, odor, cops nothing.

  10. During the day, there were two fighter planes circling the area. Did anyone else see those? Maybe it was a sonic boom.

  11. 5 years later and it happened again

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