Echo Park swap meet stays but illegal signs are removed

The vendors at this Sunday’s swap meet at Echo Park Lake were greeted with five new red signs (pictured at right ) warning against “No vending, sales or advertising on public property.” The metal signs were not only ignored but, on Monday morning, they were removed by city workers. Why? It turns out no one – at least in the city government – knows who installed the illegal signs warning about illegal activity. The official-looking notices – and metal poles – were removed after The Eastsider asked the office of Councilman Eric Garcetti if the news signs were part of a renewed city effort to get the peddlers out of the park. After looking into the matter, district spokeswoman Julie Wong said no one in the council office had requested the signs and neither did anyone in Recreation and Parks or the Office of Public Safety, which patrols the park. So, the illegal signs were removed.

“As of this morning,” Wong said Monday, “they are no longer there.”

Photo by Echo Park resident


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