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Daily Archives: April 2, 2010

Echo Park resident organizes airborne animal rescue

Most people return home from a trip with perhaps a souvenir t-shirt, hundreds of photos that will never leave their digital camera and other trinkets. But after a month working on a TV shoot in Puerto Rico, costumer and Echo Park resident Christine Peters is today ... Read More »

The Silver Lake “Hello!” bear is still there

It’s been a month since the owners of a Silver Lake mural featuring a smiling bear were granted 30 additional days by city officials to find a way to keep the mural, which inspectors had determined was in violation of sign laws. The new April 1 ... Read More »

Save the Date: Weekend Edition

The second Echo Park Art Walk on Saturday will be branching out from Echo Park Avenue to include some shops and venues on Sunset Boulevard, including Miss Scarlet in the Parlor, which will include the work (pictured above) of Jennifer Tong and other artists in the ... Read More »

Lotus Festival to bloom again this year in Echo Park Lake

The longtime organizers of Echo Park’s annual Lotus Festival are planning to revive the event this July after municipal budget cuts forced the cancellation of the festival last year. Leo Pandac, head of Los Angeles Lotus Festival, Inc. confirmed a report in the Militant Angeleno that ... Read More »