Escape from the Sunset Boulevard bar crawl

Many Echo Park residents who live near the neighborhood’s strip of Sunset Boulevard bars and night spots have been complaining about rowdy and drunken bar and club goers. Apparently the scene has also worn thin with some of the patrons themselves. Los Angeles Times restaurant and bar blogger Jessica Gelt, an Echo Park resident, praises a new Echo Park area bar called 1642 in part because it’s located on Temple Street and away from the Sunset Boulevard bar scene:

“That’s important because these days, the section of Sunsetbetween Taix and the Short Stop has come to resemble a mini Sunset Strip at night; only instead of fratty types in flip-flops staggering to the House of Blues for another Bud Light, Echo Park has guys with ironic mustaches and pastel wolf shirts staggering from the Little Joy to the Gold Room for another beer and tequila combo meal.”

Some readers left comments taking issue with Gelt’s view of Echo Park’s version of the Sunset Strip and the hipsters it draws. In response, Gelt added a comment of her own:

“Apologies, I love Echo Park and perhaps feel fine makng fun of hipsters because I have been accused of being one. I do, however, stand by my statement that the bar corridor has become really obnoxious of late. Loud and often rude.”

Top left photo by The Eastsider; top right photo by Martin Orozco


  1. You’ve done it again! Superb writing.

  2. been an echo resident for 11 years. watched the growth, seen the expansion. 5 years ago i was happy to see a spark turning to a steady glow. but as of last night, its a full blown kegger blowout bonfire. walking past barrigans i witnessed a few trouble making hipsters from holltwwod talking trash to the employment staff that was escorting them outside. its hard to get kicked out of a bar around here. then another at the gold room. kids from the valley. it was like the strip on a friday night. and it was only a wednesday in january. after the park is renovated, the tide will be impossible to hold back and even temple street will be overrun.
    but, nothing good ever lasts. im just glad i was ahead of the curve instead of behind it.

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