Freddy Krueger is no match for a Silver Lake nursery school mom

Chrystal Gyger was dropping off her two-year-old daughter at a Silver Lake nursery school earlier this week when the girl “flipped out.” The reason? The billboard that looms over Lyric Preschool on Hyperion Avenue displayed a new ad for the movie “Nightmare on Elm Street” featuring the menacing image of Freddy Krueger, flashing one of those trademark razor fingers. Gyger said the same CBS Outdoor billboard had in years past displayed what she and other parents considered inappropriate material right above a school, including ads for cigarettes and images of scantily clad woman hawking booze. The sight of her upset child prompted Gyger to call and email CBS Outdoor several times to get the billboard changed. A CBS Outdoor employee eventually emailed Gyger to apologize, saying the offending ad would be removed and steps would be taken to avoid future problems. On Wednesday morning, Gyger and her daughter arrived at school to find Freddy gone. In his place was a public service ad for the Arthritis Foundation featuring a giant pair of sneakers. No word yet from CBS as to how they will prevent Freddy and friends from making any return visits to the school.

Top photo by Chrystal Gyger/bottom photo by The Eastsider


  1. Okay. . . so Chrystal Gyger is my new "hero of the day."Good for her, and a bad day for "apathy" in Silver Lake.

  2. won't someone think of the children???!!!!

  3. Oh, look, aging hipster soccer moms deciding what we can look at!

  4. Won't someone think of Anonymous #3 and how his right to see advertisements for the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street are being infringed upon by "soccer moms" who are "aging" and "hipster"? And what if she's also a "NIMBY"? I think we should consider that possibility too.

  5. movie shoulda never been made in the first damn place!

  6. I applaud Chrystal Gyger.Fight the corporations! We're all slaves, afterall…Go to hell, Lady Gaga! (Oh, wait, she's been there and back…). Slut.

  7. I say nothing wrong with that poster. Just poor choice in the location. Shame on the company who owns the space. Duh for not checking your advertisements prior to allowing them to hang it.

  8. I am so glad someone thinks that it is more important to protect children, than exercise our freedom to put whatever posters we want to out in public. Of course we can put whatever poster we want to anytime…but is it really worth scaring children? I have 2 small boys, and neither of them are in school yet, but we see posters all over town, and the older one often asks me questions about them.

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