LAPD plans to field team against Dodger tail gate parties

The Dodger faithful planning morning tail gate parties outside of Dodger Stadium before Tuesday’s opening game might have to deal with some uninvited guests: the LAPD. Police concede that they acted too late last year to stop the drinking of alcoholic beverages and double-parking across Elysian Park next to Dodger Stadium. “By the time we got there, it was pretty wild,” said Capt. Dave Lindsey with the Northeast Division. “It was going pretty good even at 9 AM.” This year will be different, said Lindsey, promising to field a team of about 40 officers across the park and around the stadium as early as 4 AM. The large contingent of officers will “keep people from double parking, and we are going to take an aggressive stance on drinking in public. We are going to be issuing citations to anyone that’s caught drinking in public.” The police will also be patrolling nearby streets in Echo Park in case the Dodger fans take their parties and ice chests elsewhere.

The Dodger opening day tail gate parties have developed a reputation for unruliness. In fact, when a group of 1,000 members of a motorcycle club decided to hold a last minute rally in Elysian Park last June, Capt. William Murphy of the Northeast Division said the bikers turned out to be better behaved than the baseball fans: “The Dodger fans are usually worse,” Murphy said. The biker invasion “was nothing like Opening Day.”

On Tuesday, the team does plan to open up the stadium parking lot three hours in advance of the 1:10 PM game time, Lindsey said. That’s one hour earlier than normal but that’s not going to do the tail gaters much good since eating and drinking is prohibited in the parking lot, he said. Fans also won’t be allowed to line up their cars at the gates any earlier than three hours before the game. Officers will also be on hand after the game ends, he said.

The measures and additional officers are not only designed to protect the park and nearby neighborhoods but also to keep traffic flowing, Lindsey said. “We are hoping to get people into the parking lot and into the stadium so they can see the first pitch.”

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  1. So does that mean you can still BBQ at the park grill but you can't double park and Drink???

  2. Is this the only sporting event where the public can't tailgate before hand? No eating in the parking lot? Wow.

  3. They should just outlaw baseball.

  4. People are still going to drink, even with cops present! Really doesnt make a difference. Why are the people in nearby neighborhoods complaining if they already knew what they were getting into when the moved to the area??? Echo Park/Elysian Park and all streets surrounding Dodger Stadium will always have traffic!

  5. moving into Echo Park does entail a bit of extra traffic sometimes; that is fine. but I never signed up for buttholes throwing their trash everywhere, and frantically driving drunk down dead end streets trying to find a shortcut. i have a kid and don't want him run over by some drunk. there is nothing to defend here. if you want to drink, drink on Dodgers property.

  6. Jeeze go solve some real crimes LAPD. The city doesn't want to pay overtime to solve friggin' Homicides but are happy to do the easy bidding at God knows what cost. Why rain on everybody's opening day? Its just the yuppies in the hills who walk their dogs without leashes then go home and get drunk on Pinot Nior and complain about the neighborhood they choose to live in. Go live in Canyon County if you want peace and quiet! Dodger Stadium has been there for forty years get a grip!

  7. that didn't take long: article posted at 12:48, retarded classist comment posted at 5:41. "Its just the yuppies in the hills who walk their dogs without leashes then go home and get drunk on Pinot Nior and complain about the neighborhood they choose to live in." haha, yer an idiot who knows a lot about nothing. go get a job.

  8. Yeah! anonymous 5:41. Who do those genter fyin yuppers think they are anyway! (burp) we a-ho's should get to drink our Colt 45's in peas and (burp) get to drive drunk like is our lifelong tradition. Give me a break. there is and never has been drinking allowed in the park. Not in the 50 years Dodger Stadium has sat in place of the homes of Chavez Ravine. If you drinkin'(beer, fine wine, champagne or wine coolers, whatever) in the park, yo breakin' the law. Enjoy, and hope all the tickets they hand out helps resolve our cities pathetic budget crisis.

  9. As for "solve some real crimes," if one were to review the statistics for Northeast Division, in which Elysian Park is located, it would show that for 2010 compared to 2009, Northeast Division officers had a 300% increase in rape arrests, 21% increase in aggravated assault arrests, 57% increase in burglary arrests, and a total of 9% increase in arrests for all violent crimes. I would submit they are solving real crime. These statistics are available on the LAPD's public website.The Department also responds to quality of life issues, as voiced by the citizens. If everyone thought the activity in Elysian Park was fine, and the city council concurred, Captain Murphy would very likely not be expending assets there. However, obviously people have complained to the degree that he is addressing it. The police respond to the people's concerns, and in this case it is significant enough for the implementation of the described measures. If anyone feels it is wasted effort, they should make their voices heard to their council office, and implement change.Wes(213) 484-344125214@lapd.lacity.org

  10. @ Anonymous April 12, 2010 3:37 PM & Anonymous April 12, 2010 5:41 PM I've lived near Dodger Stadium for 14 years, they were never terrible neighbors until the trash known as the McCourts moved in. Truly, there went the neighborhood. Now we all can see, as they air their trashy asses in court, the greed that drives them to raise the parking prices to outrageous amounts, etc. Before they "moved in" the only real problem we had to deal with was some traffic, not all the crap (literally and figuratively) that is now left behind as well as illegal parking and aggressive trolling that goes on during opening day as well as big series. We get to walk on broken glass, used condoms, discarded food, vomit and human waste. It was never like this before. So, walk a mile in our shoes before you spout out your blow hole.

  11. Lt. Wes Buhrmester, I did not complain last year but was shocked at the clusterf@#* that was allowed to occur opening day. To read that this year we will have the pregame festivities monitored made my day. Thank you for all you do!

  12. Agreed – reading that the police would be out in numbers on opening day made me thrilled. I too have lived here long enough to remember when the Dodgers weren't terrible neighbors. I went to the meeting that discussed opening the Scott Ave. gate. What a waste of my time that was. They haven't been at all consistent with what they promised the neighbors and I can't even count the incidents I've seen of speeding cars passing other cars, zooming up side streets, illegal u-turns, all before games and stadium events. This is a neighborhood of narrow streets and pedestrians. Lame.


  14. Thanks LT, NOE Bluesuiters, like Ramp, have often worked hard with less and made great gains for the good people of LA!!

  15. Safe to say that the LAPD is out numbered and they are wasting their time. I sure didn't see a single law enforcement officer on my walk this morning where beer laden ice chests, illegal parking and amplified music is rampant. Oh, and this was at 8 AM. Good luck with things as it gets closer to game time.

  16. Yes Wes but what about the cruising and public sex that has been going on for years? I am a business owner and a resident of Echo Park and after calling everybody I could think of nothing was done about it. Granted as of late the LAPD has addressed this issue but I have not seen a swarm of 40 cops shutting that down for good. I'd rather walk through the park with Dodger fans on opening day than watch the "down low" perform fellatio in the weeds of the park while stepping over condoms and such. One day of celebration of a great LA institution is not that big of a deal. Of course you should patrol the park and the behavior of the folks there (ALL) but where are you when all the other stuff is happening? I know you are doing a good job but these LAPD tactics are typical overreaction and draw a contrast with the other issues that go on in the park when the "yuppies" are crying in their Pinot. Go Blue!

  17. I've been a resident for 18 years and I've learned to deal with this day. Just go to work, or join in. As long as folks respect my property, i'm good. You can't really control noise or traffic in LA.

  18. this isn't going to be good either way, and there is no solution when its divided to an "us" and "them". just be careful if you care about your life. last April i was hit by a drunk driving dodgers fan. After a year of physical therapy, i am now just now back to feeling normal. If you cant stop the drinking, please be careful when this assholes are driving around recklessly. I will be listening to vin from my porch!

  19. my grandfather tells me stories of when there were no Dodgers. sounds wonderful.

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