Who wants to buy a loft in Lincoln Heights?

At least five people do. That’s how many buyers have so far put down $5,000 deposits to reserve a home in the 104-unit Alta Lofts since the Lincoln Heights project held a grand opening on March 20. The former Fuller Paints warehouse – a 1920s-era structure topped off by two-floors of new construction – towers above a section of San Fernando Road where there are few amenities – though the St. Vincent’s Thrift shop down the block does draw a crowd. But the developers are counting on some dramatic interior spaces to draw more demand and deposits from young urban dwellers.

“We have also enjoyed a steady stream of traffic since the grand opening event,” said Jaime Latta with the project. “The majority of interest is coming from 30-something creative professionals who are drawn to the uniqueness of the project.”

Latta said that that the five deposits – which are non binding – to reserve space in the building have been placed on units priced around $270,000. Prices range from the $200,000 to the $500,000.

Photo by Alta Lofts


  1. Eewww. Isn't that place right next to the Municipal Waste Exchange (or w/e it is called) right there on San Fernando. That facility stinks to high heaven in the summer time. I hope those lofts have a/c because I sure wouldn't want to open my windows.

  2. Yay welcome to the world of gentrification sounds like lincoln heights is next hurray. Well its always been a pretty ugly area unlike echo park a black cloud seems to reside over that area. They’re just in time for the expansions of the goldline 🙂 . Hopefully they go take over all the bars on broadway like they did on sunset blvd. LOL

  3. as usual you have people complaining ,that is the style of lincoln heights ,between a awfull council member the church group that is all hate the gangs that rely run lincoln heights all the violence that is so frequent nobody even blinks house fires and shootings are the norm,,and here you have some one worried about gentrification,,hhhhmmmmmm…lets see do i rather have some drunk drug dealer in front of a bar or a hipster???the only thing that changed in echo park was that the gang violence went down and the area cleaned up,,oh so of course as an area becomes desirable it gets expensive but need not worry the remaining raza are still stirring enough violence there the few left are still shooting at each other and hitting innocent bystanders just like the good old days,or like currently here in lincoln heights,,,.so im gonna light my candle and pray for gentrification..oh and pray that we dont get another ed reyes and that our local church hate group finds another neighborhood to lend their hate to. oh there is so much to pray for like lifting the black cloud that is the peoples mentality that live here…amen

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