Echo Park bike thieves caught in the act

NeighborhoodWatchLogo.JPGAn Echo Park woman and her fiance –  who live across the street from each other  near Echo Park  and Lucretia avenues – were awakened Sunday night to the sound of his driveway gate being opened.  The couple, who were spending the night at her place, went  into the street to see four men stealing a bike from the fiance’s garage:

“We were just settling down to sleep around 11:30 pm tonite when we heard the gate in front of his driveway jangle.  I know the sound well, because he opens his gate daily to come across to my house.  We both felt alarm bells and he sprang up to have a look out my front door.  Seeing nothing but still feeling alarmed, we dressed quickly and dashed into the street to discover multiple thieves had hopped his locked fence and were in the process of passing bicycles over the fence.  He confronted one of the very young men, who stammered a response and ran to a waiting getaway vehicle that held another bicycle stolen from his garage, and then sped out.  There were at least 4 young men involved in the burglary, two of whom ran out the front, towards Echo Park Avenue.

The primary objective seemed to be bicycle theft but a pitchfork, pick hammer and razor knife were displaced from the garage, ostensibly to be used as opportunistic defensive tools, it would seem to us.   We called the police who responded in a timely fashion given the confrontational nature of the event.  They were thorough and gracious and advised us to beef up security.

The bicycle stolen was a 19″ Lotus Unique 12 speed racer, lilac with chrome stays,  with a brand new tourist handlebar. The kids are after the skinny tire bikes.

I feel relieved and lucky that we encountered a crime in progress with no serious consequences.  So far. I own property in Echo Park and really love living here.  I am involved in my neighborhood and work to have a positive impact in my community.  This has scared and upset me greatly. Just thought you should know.  And lock up your bikes.”


  1. Scary stuff…glad you are both okay. I’m right down the street near Magic Gas.

    Has anyone in the neighborhood organized a neighborhood watch? I would certainly help- these crimes affect us all.

  2. Ditto Chris’ comments — glad you are o.k.! Our previous apartment in Angeleno Heights was burglarized a few years back. Very unnerving experience. Re the neighborhood watch — I spoke to Bobby Hill, the senior lead officer in our area, about putting something together afterwards but then dropped it. Worth picking up again. Also, you might check into Select Patrol. It’s a local subscription security service, low fees. It’s starting to seem like a good idea. Keep the Echo Park faith. This is the best neighborhood in Los Angeles!

  3. Big Daddy Kane

    I think it’s time that we all start exercising our 2nd Amendment rights.


  5. We live on Montrose near Glendale Blvd. by the park… just last night, 3 guys (16-20 years old probably) dressed in black hoodies (with their hoods up) came onto our balcony (it’s accessible by the main stairs) and took my boyfriend’s bike that had been sitting there for a few days while being repaired. It was a royal blue beach cruiser with red tires (not rims, but bright red tires).

    We heard the gate so we went outside and saw them taking the bike down the stairs and onto the street – not even shocked that we were talking to them and watching them take it. I asked them if they wanted me to call the cops now or to wait until they were gone. One kid told me to take a picture. My boyfriend said, “I hope that speed tastes good” (assuming they’re selling it for drugs I suppose). My boyfriend shouted from the balcony, “I hope your mom likes my bike!” One of the boys (black rimmed glasses) yelled “don’t say sh*t about my mom” and pulled out a pistol and shot at my boyfriend. This was about 3am this morning (Sunday, 7/25/10). He missed, thank goodness, but the bullet is lodged in the side of our apartment building, only about 2 feet below where my boyfriend was standing.

    Be on the lookout – these kids/young men are about 5’9″ to 5’10”, Latino, the “rocker”/”skater”/”emo” type – one has long hair almost to his chest. In addition to the black hoodies, the rest of their clothes were black.

    We reported this to the police – I suggest you guys keep reporting anything like this, or report if you see these type of kids hanging around at night.

    **The eerie thing is that they were all so calm while we were watching them from our balcony walk away with the bike and very calm when engaging in conversation with my boyfriend – of course until the guy got angry and shot. But even after the shooting, they walked away calmly, no running, nothing.

    I heard there’s an old man (called “old man”) who lives on Boylston and pays kids to steal bikes around the neighborhood so he can resell them… keep your eyes open!

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