No holiday for The Eastsider

The Eastsider will be busy this holiday weekend not with barbecuing but with rolling out a new version of this blog. Don’t expect anything dramatically different. Most of the changes will be behind the scenes as The Eastsider gets used to working with gadgets named “Advance Category Excluder” and “Dynamic Content Gallery.” (But no one is going anywhere near the “WordPress SQL Executioner.”) Some of these new gadgets will allow The Eastsider to present more posts on certain topics – such as schools and crime – in separate sections without overwhelming the main site. The site should load faster, too.

There will be a few noticeable changes. There will be more space for neighborhood ads but the space for stories and photos won’t shrink. Those who leave comments will have to provide an email address (which will remain private) and a name (even if it’s just a first name or alias) before sharing their thoughts and rants. At the request of several readers, The Eastsider will also be adding some online forums focused on topics. I’m still not sure the Eastside blogosphere needs more forums and message boards but we will give it a try.

If things go well, come Sunday morning, the updated Eastsider (screen shot at top) should be up and running from its new virtual home, says San Francisco web guy Anh Nguyen, who is directing this move. But please be patient if things seem a bit out of whack. Report any problems to hello@theEastsiderLA.com. The old blog – what you are reading now – and it’s more than 2,000 posts and comments will still be around to serve as an archive and reference.

There will be more changes ahead but nothing that detracts from a simple and straightforward presentation of stories, photos and other content. If you have any ideas and suggestions, please send them my way or add them as a comment. Now, hope for the best come Sunday morning.


  1. 7:53 am Sunday morning: Looking good so far, and all the links seem to work. Doesn’t ‘look’ like a lot of changes but the little differences here and there make the site seem more user friendly.

  2. Looks good … but where’d all the comments go?

  3. Good morning. Just wanted update folks about the move to the new web host and publishing system – WordPress.

    Comments: Most of the comments from stories published in old publishing system – Blogger – did not transfer over. So, we will be adding the comments to the new system or link back to original story with its comments.

    Links to earlier Eastsider stories: You will probably be getting dreaded “404 error message” when you click on these links. I will be busy updating the links to those old stories.

    email: emails to hello@theEastsiderLA.com are bouncing back. Working to resolve this Meanwhile you can send emails to theeastsiderla@gmail.com

    Photos: You might encounter some odd sized photos in posts, especially those created before the first of the first of the year. I’m also resizing those photos to make them look nicer.

    Please let me know of any more issues. Also, anyone experienced at creating an iPhone app?

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