Closing of Dispensaries in the Northeast

A big issue right now, in my opinion, is the closing of all dispensaries in our area. Will the closures affect our local economy, since it seems that there were so many businesses affected by these dispensaries? I’d also love to hear opinions from other Eastsiders in regards the Medicinal Marijuana debate.

Were these legitimate businesses to begin with and should they be closed?  How will this affect crime in our area now that a hot commodity (MJ) has been put right back into criminal hands?  In my opinion, Avenues and Dogtown gangs must be happy campers knowing the MJ trade is back to the black market.

– Edgar from Highland Park.


  1. I don’t think this will have any affect on crime or give more business to the gangs. There are still dispensaries open and people will go to one of those. There were three on York Blvd., three on Eagle Rock Blvd.. so people will just go a few blocks further.

    Plus, the biggest thing going right now is delivery service. People don’t even need to leave home.

  2. What about South East LA??? Im in MOntebello can you include us on youre SITE?? Im keepin up and sending people youre thanks EASTSIDER NEWS

  3. The report on the shooting 12/16 in Echo Park is very wrong. No serious injuries? One person was shot in the head! get it right. Thats sounds pretty serious to me. The other car that crashed was un related? Wrong again! That was the suspects car which is how he was taken into custody. Please dont report it if your not going to report it right.

  4. I notice alot of other parts of east are lacking coverage such as Montebello, Monterey Park, Pico Rivera, Whittier,El Monte,La Mirada, La Habra, West Covina, Huntington Park, Lynwood,South Gate,Bell Gardens,Maywood,Downey and Norwalk. More coverage required but good job none the less.

  5. If dispensaries were truly for the medicinally needy there should be 1 within wheelchair-driving or crutch-walking distance from every residence. But in reality dispensaries are a trojan horse for the blanket decriminalization of pot. Once decriminalized pot can be regulated just like liquor stores. There are probably several liquor stores within walking distance from any eastsider, so that’s obviously the way to go, especially for the medicinally needy. Just sayin.

  6. Used to be a Rexall Drugs on the Corner of Sunset and Echo Park; And a Newsstand where as Kids coming home from School at Logan Elementry ( Back in the Days of the Old Two Story Wooden Schoolhouse 64/69 ) we would buy Comic Books for Pennys that now are worth Hundreds of Dollars. Used to grow some of the best ” Homegrown ” this side of Humboldt up on ” Solisbury Hill ” back in the 70`s. Tween the Two , still think Grass is better off in the Basement than out in front of the Local Panaderia ~

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