Do you brake for tomatoes?

You should if they are growing in the middle of your driveway.  That’s the lesson learned by the Echo Park gardener who last year decided to grow veggies (pictured at top left) in the dirt strip that runs down the center of her  driveway. This year, the driveway garden is looking a bit bare with the exception of a wayward tomato plant (pictured at top right) that took root on its own, says the Echo Park resident:

“I didn’t plant a tomato … but obviously a seed found it’s way here. I figured I’d let it grow and see what happened – and what happened was fruit! One tomato already got run over. But the other one is ripening up. I’m going to eat it, too!”


  1. Mmmm, my guess is that those tomatoes are probably toxic from the oil, fluids, and brake dust that has leached into that strip of dirt over the years. I, personally, would not eat that.

  2. I really like the concept, but it seems like there could be fifty years of chemicals in that dirt. All that oil dripping out of cars over the years.

  3. Everyone’s so scared of everything. Jeez! It’s new dirt, people. I dug up the old stuff way way down and replaced it with bags of garden soil. Any toxins are the usual L.A. variety that you can’t escape.

    Besides, just what do you think you’re eating when you buy a tomato at Sav-a-Lot? I guarantee my driveway food has less chemicals in it than any of that non-organic stuff you get from the grocery store. But if it keeps the hipsters from scavenging my yard, then let them believe I fertilize with anti-freeze!

  4. Talk about daring! I hope that tomato makes it all the way to red. I’m a little concerned about a car tire smooshing it, however.

  5. I.M. Eaton Betathanyou, you drive a Prius, are a white person (as far as I can tell from your hand in the photo) and live in Echo Park, and you call other people hipsters- you ARE a hipster.

  6. Virtute, I don’t think Mr. Betathanyou is white; his last name sounds Greek. 🙂

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