Echo Park shooting leaves its mark

The shooting that took place outside The Echo in Echo Park early this morning left bullet holes in the walls and shattered windows near the club in the 1800 block of Sunset Boulevard. One resident living above the vacant storefront (pictured above) said he heard the motorcycle of the suspected shooter roar off as he headed  east on Sunset Boulevard after he finished firing a semi-automatic pistol.


  1. Now this is the Echo Park that i know and recognize the main reason why i moved far as possible from this area it may seem that this place has changed but is has far from changed being a hippster just makes you more vulnerable here at night beware u just might be at that bar in echo park on that night when someone just walks in the bar and shoots at people randome just to hit that one echo park gang member or sinaloan cartel or just echo parks rival gang trying to make their mark for their enemy initiation rank/hit. Too bad it can not be the place everyone would so likely want it to be like i thought. Just be careful or stay away.

  2. David,
    I’m glad you managed to get out, but you can’t hate the place that much, since you appear to be glued to the Eastsider!

  3. Does everyone communicate with run-on sentences wherever you moved to, David? Just curious.

  4. Dino Flintstone

    He apparently moved to Nopunctuationville.

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