More “bird of prey” parts turn up in Elysian Park

About two weeks after two women came across the headless body of a “bird of prey” in Elysian Park, another pair of park visitors  came across the head of a large bird – but no body – in approximately the same location. A woman named Caitlan and a friend were out walking their dogs Tuesday morning when they came upon the large bird head on northern edge of Elysian Park overlooking the 5 freeway. Caitlin, who emailed a photo showing the head of a bird with a large beak,  assumes these were parts of the same bird:

“Not sure what the body of the “large bird of prey” looked like, but maybe this head belonged to it … I would think that if this was some sort of natural bird death, there would have maybe at least been some bones or other guts or something somewhere NEAR the head. Nope, just a head. I flagged down a couple of cops driving through the park and told them about finding the bird head, mentioning the previous incidents.  They told me they’ve seen coyotes and stuff in the park (not headless or bodiless) before, and that we should be fine with the dogs.   I’m pretty sure they must have misunderstood and thought I was just scared of some big bird.”


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  2. My guess it is a victim of crows. I see a lot of harrassing of hawks by crows in the park.

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