Motor homes move on and off Marmion Way

Overnight parking has been banned along an approximately  1/2 mile-long section of Marmion Way that loops around the base of Mount Washington after the strip had attracted large numbers of  motor homes and homeless encampments. The signs prohibiting parking from 10 pm to 5 AM were installed last week on the east side Marmion that runs along the Gold Line tracks from approximately Museum Way to Shanley Drive near Highland Park. The Department of Transportation installed the signs at the request of Northeast LAPD Division Capt. William Murphy. “It has come to my attention that this street has been inundated with motor homes and has become a nuisance,” Murphy said in a letter to the transportation department. “The motor homes have attracted more nuisance activity, including an increase of homeless encampments, illegal dumping and littering.”   While some residents applauded the new restrictions, others were not so happy.

A  parking enforcement officer who was ticketing a motor home with expired tags on Marmion on Monday said some residents who live in nearby houses complained that their vehicles had been ticketed after the new no parking signs went up without notice.  Also, while  overnight parking is now banned on the east side of Marmion, there is no such prohibition on the west side of the street.  So, there would not be anything to prevent an RV owner from simply parking across the street. Transportation officials explained that the LAPD  requested overnight parking only on one side of the street.

Still, the new restrictions seems to have forced many of the motor homes to find another place to park overnight. “Thank God, because there was a weird little scene developing over there,” said a Mount Washington resident named Julie who welcomes the new overnight parking ban.  ” It seemed to be mostly people living out of their cars ….  My hope is that they will put parking restrictions on the other side as well.”


  1. So much for compassion. Down on your luck, and need a safe place to park your only home for the night? Not In My Back Yard! I’d honestly expect more from my neighbors in Mt. Washington. I suppose liberalism for some only extends so far as one’s right not to be forced to look at anything that makes them squirm. Rather than address the concerns of illegal dumping and littering in a logical way (more trash cans, maybe? Regular pick-up of trash and bulky items?), they’ve just used their heft with city officials to make it someone else’s problem. If the fix makes parking inconvenient for poorer neighbors down the hill, oh well. This “solution” makes absolutely no sense from any perspective other than that of a wealthy neighbor up the hill, concerned about nothing beyond their property value…

  2. Now the RVs can park in front of my house instead.. great.

    Hey wouldn’t a better solution to the RV issue be to open up a parking lot at night for car/motorhome dwellers? Say part of dodger stadium’s lot? Near the police academy where they can keep tabs on it?

  3. Send them all to the beach! I hate when i come out of my place and it’s like woodstock! All these campers, and drunk camper people barfing on my curb.

  4. If you’re looking for “compassion” – and that’s how you define it, then you picked the absolute wrong “hood” on L.A.’s Eastside. You’re 179- 180-degrees off base.

    Guess again!

  5. @Ron- That is a great idea.

  6. Since when is it wrong to want a nice, safe, clean neighborhood? This is an improvement for the entire community. I hope they post signs on the other side as well. Kudos to Capt. William Murphy!

  7. I see no reason why people are not allowed to park on public streets, especially when they are not impacting resident parking. I exercise along that road several times a week and have never seen anything “weird” or felt uncomfortable in any way. To suggest that the RV’s increase dumping is just looking for a scapegoat and ignoring that fact the dumping goes on everywhere.

    My guess would be that a few people complained and got the signs put up while the majority of area residents were not bothered. Forcing them to move does nothing but send them to some other neighborhood.

    How we treat the most vulnerable members of our society is a measure of the greatness of our nation. – Jimmy Carter

  8. I know of no organized effort to post the no park signs. I assume the new Northeast officer just noted the problem and took action. So I am not sure that the community actively initiated it unless one or more individual residents of the community complained. Most of the complaints have come from those living along Marmion Way near Avenue 50 on the edge of Highland Park. So, the assumption that this is some sort of elitism is a bit overblown.

  9. This has been an ongoing battle as long as I have lived in Highland Park. The main problem has nothing to do with the poor families (and yes they are families with kids) that live in these RVs. The real problems are an absentee landlord, no street lighting, illegal dumping of all kinds and a group of men that sit in the trees on the Northwest end of the upper lot and drink on regular occcasion.

    I want to turn it into a park and do some restoration work on the lower lot. Did you know that this is an important part of the Arroyo Seco Watershed? Probably the lowest point before it heads into a major culvert, under Sycamore Grove Park, the freeway and into the river.

    Jessica Hall (LA Creek Freak) even did a bunch of studies to try to daylight the buried North Branch Creek in this area a few years ago.

    Anyone else for a park…check out my idea. Let’s make this area a sight for beauty and sharing.



  10. Some of those campers had been parking on Marmion for years. Good riddance! Kristy B, your idea is brilliant. Keep up the fight!

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