Mutilated animals discovered in Elysian Park *

The bodies of a headless goat and a large “bird of prey” were discovered Monday morning by two women walking along the northern edge of Elysian Park overlooking the 5 freeway. One of the women, an Echo Park resident, who was walking her dogs, said they came across the black-and-white body of what appeared to be a baby goat. Nearby was the body of a large bird – “with talons nearly as big as my fist” – that also had its head severed, the woman said.  Both animals appeared to have been killed recently, said the woman.  The two women notified two officers of the animal remains. The bodies are the most recent animal remains to have been found in Elysian Park over the years, including a heart and other parts of a pig discovered last month.

* Correction: A previous version of this post said the bodies were discovered near Grand View Point. But, after reviewing the map, one of the women who found the animal remains said they were located  near an overlook that was further north near Elysian Park and Solano Canyon drives.

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  1. It seems some cultures have not progressed past the stone age…

  2. One of two women

    Sorry Eastsider. I gave you bad location details. It was actually farther north, the path under the other retaining wall/overlook spot that’s down the hill from the baseball fields.

  3. Sounds like the work of chupacabra.

  4. I just don’t understand, why do these people have to sacrifice innocent animals. Stupid People and their Ritual witchcraft…

  5. hey Whitman Mayo: way to bring “social darwinism” into the topic. why you gotta bring culture into it? only “savages” from another culture would do this sort of thing? what about stupid teens who listen to too much heavy metal? or sociopaths?

  6. Something is going way wrong in Elysian Park – for the last 6 weeks. After the pig heart and bag of “pig parts” were found. There was a bag with dead chickens found on the short path down from Sargent to the parking area. Then, last week, there was a chicken who had had it’s bottom mutilated laying next to the trash can near the parking area about 20 feet from where the pig heart was found. On Monday, I found a white dove’s wing that had been ripped off and thrown on the hillside almost directly across from where the pig heart was found.

    Two women I know reported to me that they found a decapitated dog’s head near the Welcome to Elysian Park sign on Stadium Way (near the 5) about 2 months ago. Another person reported on one of the EP boards that he had found a severed pig’s head on the dirt trail just below Sargent near Scott and another person reported that about 3 months ago they found a small dog that had been decapitated with it’s head laying near the body at the entrance of the lower trail below Park. That was when there had been a flood and the area was wrapped with caution tape.

    What is going on and how can we stop whoever is doing this? It does not feel like true religious animal sacrifice, but something much much darker.

  7. Adolph Paatrami

    Everyone knows this wasn’t heavy metal fans or a lone sociopath.. Pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain it was that stone age religion Santería.

  8. hey Adolph, you spelled your last name wrong. it’s H-I-T-L-E-R.

  9. Killing a bird of prey is a federal offense: All hawks and owls are federally protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (16 USC, 703-711). These laws strictly prohibit the capture, killing, or possession of hawks or owls without special permit. And yes, Santeria is a stone age religion, as are most.

  10. santeria started when slaves were brought to the New World (and not allowed to practice their religion of choice). not exactly stone age.

  11. I don’t think it’s Santeria or any religion. I believe it is something much more nefarious.

  12. Of course I know that Santeria as well as other similar religions are not actually from the stone age, it’s simply a term for my opinion of those systems: voodoo, Candomblé etc. that actually integrate aspects of Catholicism and other animistic religions. If I call Catholicism a dark age religion is that OK?

  13. Catholicism, like most religions, are very archaic. (you know a Dark Age religion.) Busytimmy you should know that by now. But, Catholics are not slaughtering animals for religious purposes, now are they.

  14. Whom ever is doing this needs to be stopped!
    Typical sociopaths behavior starts with victimizing animals and then on to bigger prey lets hope they have not already progressed to that.
    If you witness any suspicious activity notify the police immediately.
    800-78-CRIME http://www.wetip.com/
    Take back your streets before its too late!

  15. I was walking through Elysian Park last summer when I came across a large pile of mutilated birds and entrails. This has obviously been going on for quite a while.

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