No takers for Elysian Park totem pole

A week has come and gone since  Recreation & Parks Department workers  carted off a toy-encrusted totem police, ferris wheel and some other whimsical but unpermitted art pieces from a clearing in Elysian Park. Mark Jackson, park maintenance supervisor,  gave the creators of the work a week to claim the objects before they were thrown away. The week has come and gone  and all Jackson got were “two nasty calls” from people who left no name or phone number. As a result, the totem pole and other pieces now resting in the Elysian Park maintenance yard will be broken up and thrown away.


  1. The Hand of the Law

    Well I just did a little research and it turns out that Mr. Jackson may be in some deep doo-doo. Apparently, P+R has no authority to remove permanent or semi-permanent installations unless they are a “clear and open danger” or present a fire hazard. It would appear that this totem qualifies as neither. Therefore, Mr. Jackson and his cronies appear to have given themselves authority that they did not have and will be subject to official reprimand. I will likely bring this up at the next GEPENC meeting, for starters. We don’t want rogue Parks and Rec guys defacing the culture of our community. Good thing they are not armed…!

  2. ooh no, GEPENC is on the case, look out. who cares? that thing was ugly and a distraction from nature. did they have a permit to stick it up in the first place?

  3. ooohh man! I’m so bummed they carted off the totem!!

  4. LolaCooks, it seems like you can now have part of this lovely totem pole for yourself. No need to be sad, just clear a spot next to your television and…wait, you know what, just get rid of your TV and stare at the totem pole. It must have more talent than reality show contestants.

  5. Rogue park and recs guys ? Cronies ? Yeah ,The same”rogue” guys that pick up aall the garbage after the weekend / dodger game crowds ? Give me a break dude ! Why don’t you go pick it up and put it in your backyard ! That thing was ugly ! This is coming from someone who has lived in Echo Park all my life , probably unlike you , who has to go to GEPENC to feel like you are part on the (Now gentrified ) “community “. What a dork !

  6. Time Traveller

    This goes out to Harry Murkin.

    1) Picking up garbage has nothing to do with the totem pole. I am glad that they pick up garbage – but that does not give them the right to overstep their authority.

    2) Who cares if he lived in Echo Park his whole life? Does that matter now? Grow up.

    3) The community is only “gentrified” (to use a simplistic term) because the people who lived here five years ago either a) took an inflated price for their home and moved to Riverside County or b) took payments from speculator landlords in order to move out of their rent-controlled apartments. Now, what is the connection to the totem pole. There does not seem to be any.

    You’re going soft, man. Time for mental calisthenics.

  7. Store it at the new GEPENC Office & Community Center (entrance off Echo Park Av). Nothing goes on there……

  8. Time traveler ? Overstep what, “the totem pole authority police” I agree with harry .too much ado about a piece of garbage eye sore in the middle of nature , and No “authority “or permit to put it up in the first place. Overstep “authority” lol! It was so ugly , no one claimed it .

  9. Time travellar .
    “Picking up garbage has nothing to do with the totem pole.”
    UH , It has EVERYTHING to do with the Totem Pole genius ! The Totem pole waaaassssss garbage !
    Now, THAT is the connection to the totem pole. Time Travellar follow your own advice do some mental calisthenics ! Like moving to Riverside has to do with a totem pole ? If you are so smart What did your rebuttal to Harry Murkin(love that name by the way ) have to do with the totem pole? reeeeeaaalll genius
    Why dont you time travel back to Ohio!

  10. No need to waste your time arguing here people.
    What dont you like? Recycling? Re-thinking? Re-working? Creating and interacting the REAL world we live in? Nature?
    I’m C-STAR TURTLE FEATHER and it was/is my great joy, as part of the movement/situationist group BOW+ARROW to take part in the Elysian Park Sculpture Garden, or known as the ELYSIAN PARK MUSEUM OF ART to some. You can find some info on it at EPMOA.org (site put together by Luke of Lucky Dragons)
    OR you can see photos of many of these MODULAR COMBINE SCULPTURES(before they ended up in the park) in BOW+ARROW photos from site-specific performances going back over 5 years here: BOWPLUSARROW.INFO
    Don’t freak out or be angry about them being there…or not.
    Theres plenty more where this came from…and will be in the future. Death to Hollywood, and you can quote me on that.

    Understand this, there were plans of a large Mammoth sculpture made from found car tires as well as many other things, a large spider made from succulents woven into an armature as well as
    Ocean Driftwood sculptures and found object combine benches….
    all with the intent of incorporating and maintaining permaculture plants along side and interwoven into these sculptures.
    If the Elysian Park Sculpture Garden doesnt bloom again, you can be sure it will sprout up again and again and again somewhere else.
    Also look forward to a collection of documentation of all of the events which were held at the sculpture garden at an art show later this year @ the LACE gallery.
    feel free to contact me here: helper@ctyf.org
    also, major credit goes to LAZER of BOW+ARROW…most of the work and ideas germinated from his beautiful mind!

  11. Where’s the maintenance yard located? I’ll go pick it up! (seriously)

  12. Aldo Thee Apache

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.
    That thing was any eyesore in an otherwise beautiful patch of nature. If I wanted to stroll through a park to be reminded of cheap plastic $#!+, I’d go to Echo Park on a Sunday.

  13. Lazer picked up salvages pieces of the work.
    whats? Coming next?
    BOW+ARROW presents:
    and interactive sound/light/performance installation
    of monumental purportions! Come BE INITIATED!
    Semptember 25th, 2010 Pershing Square, Los Angeles
    7pm-1am FREE
    many artists.

    show at LACE gallery!
    oct -7 – Dec 19 2010

  14. Hello I am the artist of these pieces. Since rescuing some of the remains from the dumpster there is now an exhibition at L.A.C.E. gallery.
    The exhibition is a group show curated by the EPMOA.
    These remains have been made into one smaller sculture along with miniature scale replications of the larger sculptures in the park.
    One of the sculptures will be removed from the gallery if interested in viewing contact me.
    I welcome mails from people who had a chance to experience the sculptures in the park and I welcome any info about or from the committees that are active in organizing the parks activities. I hope these pieces were an inspiration to the viewers and I hope to see more artists taking their work into the public arena.

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