Pot clinics uprooted

The Alternate Root in Echo Park was one of more than 400 medical marijuana dispensaries that were ordered to close by today as a new city ordinance took effect.  While some pot clinic have vowed to fight the new law in court, the owners of The Alternate Root, located in the 1500 block of Sunset Boulevard, complied, leaving behind a water color, a hole in the wall where the air conditioner was located and a vacant space for the landlord to fill. The LA Times said the city’s Attorney’s office has set up an email where the public can report illegal dispensaries.


  1. The people that owned this place were RUUUUUUUDE anyway. Just another low budget clinic trying to ride out the train of easy money. It’s a shame so many dispensaries are closing, but this one will not be missed!!

  2. The City was so wrong in shutting down any of the pot clinics except for the ones that were actually causing an issue in their respective communities. People are going to buy pot. Area consumption was able to keep the place open. So why close it down and drive the demand to the still open dispensaries (super hubs of pot dispensing?!) or worse, underground? Why have more people lose their jobs and have vacant businesses fronts? Why are we doing this when LA is broke?

  3. As a patient who has dealt with Chonic Pain since 1996. Having been used as a study subject back than, no one ever heard of Fibromyalgia. through the years 14 some different medications on/ off, having had Cushings Synrome 5 years earlier the ” Brain Tumor” they called it, I was told I had a better chance of hitting the lotto than getting Cushings. Pills cause your body to stop natural functions, so they give you more pills to help those problems. Natural herbs and diet changes are the way to go as much as possible. I know 80 yr.old ladies who grow their own to make their morning rumatism medicine. I have an old mexican book that has marijuana listed as a medicinal aid along with other herbs. My local MMJ Pharmacy has to close down, I Thank then for their compassion, they understood my pain issues, the issues I’m going through with sick/terminal parents. The city will miss the tax revenue and the hood will see another closed business with a for lease sign. In November 2010 there is a ballot measue for the regalization of marijuana for “ALL” to get there kicks, not just for medical reasons, if this isn’t the kettle black what is? 68% of all Californians polled are going to vote yes for “ALL” people to smoke not just people with doctors note’s. In my opioion a handfull of city councilman have NO RIGhT to OVERIDE California voters, THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE. tHE SAME CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS that said medical MMJ locations had to close are know saying they are for the legalization of mariajuana for a sin “TAX”. In a democracy the “WILL of the PEOPLE SHOULD ALWAYS BE RESPECTED”‘. I guess History is just repeating itself, it was called probition the ban on liquior, to this day we have organized crime. Now if marijuana becomes illigal the cartels (and not just the Mexicans) Will grow just as the mob did

  4. Looks like the city took a broad stroke to most of all dispensaries, I’m not sure how many dispensaries are needed in a city block but through out the years they seem to propagate exponentially. However, its fickle how the city can act sternly against one type of business yet other types of businesses such as bars and liquor stores i.e. Seven-Eleven and certain gas stations are allowed to operate and fill the cityscape. I hope the city will accommodate both sides, those who oppose and those who want them in their community.

  5. pretty low on my list of priorities. i’m actually for legalization (and don’t smoke); but all of these clinics just screwed the pooch on this one. the greed and willingness to take advantage of a loophole ruined it for the legit co-ops (and the 1% of the clients who are actually sick). no one to blame but themselves, and the clients who patronized them. this isn’t what the medical marijuana law envisioned.

  6. Is anyone familiar with which shops will remain open in the echo park/silverlake area?

  7. Just as Councilmember Huizar’s “hardship” clause created the loophole that allowed hundreds of clinics to proliferate across the city – this latest attempt to stem the right of people to smoke will will result in massive long lines of buyers in their cars in front of the few that remain.

    So – ironically for the NIMBY’s like the ERNC’s Michael Larsen who fought for these closures, they will find even greater traffic congestion in their neighborhoods because the simple fact is nobody is stopping smoking – they are all going to the few clinics open – it will be like each remaining clinic is the original Pinkberry’s.

  8. what a missed opportunity for keeping things above board and tax revenue! duh, why do you think there were so many pot stores??? DEMAND AND USE ARE HIGH! but, fear not… the now closed stores are going mobile. get ready for home delivery – and back under the radar with weed sales. closing these stores will accomplish nothing. shhesh.. sometimes this uptight and frankly stupid ‘anti-any-drug-but-booze’ mentality makes me so tired.

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