The blessed live in Atwater; the rest live in Echo Park

A person who goes by the  name of Buster Joe on the Atwater Village Neighborhood Forum returned from a recent visit to Echo Park and shared his view of the place:

“Has anyone gone to echo park lately?? It’s like BOHO on one corner with Frank Zappa dudes on the other corner then you have 10 bald heads on the other corner. Wow it’s like Silver Lake but poor. We are BLESSED live in ATWATER.”


  1. It’s called diversity. Embrace it.

  2. The “blessed” apparently had a little trouble with high school English. Teehee.
    = P

  3. Buster Joe has been terrorizing the Atwater Village Forum for years. Don’t take it personal-He’s the town idiot.

  4. Oh dear… well I wouldn’t ever find myself describing Echo Park as a poor Silver Lake, but whatever (I think he’s just jealous that Atwater doesn’t have a grocery store and we do). I work in Atwater and live in Echo Park so I have to say I get the best of both worlds!

  5. Frank Zappa reference? How au courant.

  6. Oh God, please stop comparing neighborhood, they are both unique in their own way. it was just phrased offensively (Echo Park as a poor Silver Lake) as if Atwater was one the richest neighborhoods, STFU…

  7. one comment on that forum: “Anyone that can afford to live in Echo Park can also afford to live in AV.”

    I remember when I paid $650 for my two bedroom in EP. Obviously that before the “bohos” and their ilk came in. I can’t afford EP anymore. I moved to Lincoln Heights.

  8. julio cervantes

    don’t knock lincoln heights I lived in silver lake and echo park and lincoln heights is getting kind of hip i might just make a profit again when I get another hipster to make an offer on my lincoln heights house then i’ll move to boyle heights and make that hip

  9. Lincoln Heights is the “new” Glassell Park…

  10. how about rosehill any comments about it ilike to here it”

  11. Actually the blessed live in LF. The bored live in AW. The worldly live in EP. The hip live in SL.

  12. That Buster Joe is a troll on the AV forum. This is just one example. Really best to ignore him… a lesson that people on that forum have yet to learn.

  13. Ha! We found the gentrification solution: STOP JULIO CERVANTES.

  14. Thanks for starting a lively thread, Buster Joe. Atwater, didn’t that used to be Toonerville backwhen? Or was it Toontown? And wasn’t Elysian Valley called Frogtown? I think Silverlake was called the Swish Alps and Echo park Red Hill. Ah, those were the days.

  15. That guy’s quote is hilarious. Only Echo Park isn’t poor- it just looks like it. Have you seen the housing costs over there?

  16. The world needs more Frank Zappas right about now.

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