The owner of the Lakers-style bungalow prepares for another winning season

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Living in a home trimmed in purple and gold does bring with it a  bit of fame as well as some additional responsibilities, Echo Park resident Tom Anderson has learned.   Ever since Anderson decided to dress up his 1922 hilltop bungalow in the colors of the Los Angeles Lakers,  and a story appeared in The Eastsider a year ago, the 52-year-old parks officer has gotten used to the attention. Drivers slow down, honk their horns and and give him the thumbs up.  Stories and photos of his tidy home – which was built by his grandfather – have appeared in the LA Times and other websites. He heard one child walking past his house with a pack of school kids say:   “I think Kobe lives there!”  But then there were the folks who complained about his weathered Lakers banner – since replaced – and friends and neighbors who have suggested painting Kobe’s number on the garage door or  repainting the white picket fence in gold and purple.  Anderson, however, does not want things to get too carried away. “I don’t want it to get overwhelming.”

When it came to repaint the house where  he has lived since 1969, Anderson said he didn’t exactly have the Lakers’ team colors specifically in mind. He happens to like purple and was inspired to add the accent color to his home after seeing a similar paint job in the movie Friday.  But a buddy advised him to go with a full-on Lakers theme by adding gold.

The trim colors have held up well despite the harsh afternoon sun. So far, Anderson, who was wearing a blue Dodger shirt on Wednesday afternoon, has resisted making major changes. He did hang  a second banner, featuring Kobe Bryant, from the porch, where visitors are also now greeted with a Lakers door mat. Anderson also recently planted a purple flowering rose bush. Anderson was shopping online to purchase a third banner, perhaps one commemorating last year’s 15th championship victory. But, he figures he better wait until the current season finals are finished. Maybe that third banner, Anderson said,  will celebrate a 16th championship.


  1. Go Tom! The Lakers better win considering what all you’ve done for them. Good to see that your showing your true colors.

  2. Carlos Hermosillo

    Hey Tommy, the casa looks great, didn’t know you were into roses.

  3. awsome house Tom, go Lakers!

  4. Nice pad Tom but it needs more purple rose bushes…and wear Laker shorts next time!!

  5. Nice house Tom! Can I come over sometime?

  6. I basically grew up in this house a nothing makes me happier then being there for a Lakers game. I was there last year when they defeated the Denver Nuggets and I’ll be pouring a sip out on the pourch for Nina and William come game 2 on Sunday. Much love Tom we’ll see you this weekend and until then GO LAKERS!!!!

  7. Tom,
    It’s a good thing that I told to put the banner up.

  8. “The Pasion y Corazon of the Los Angeles Lakers will Defeat the Hated Boston Celtics.” “The Bamboo will bend but will not break.” Thanks for showing your Lakers Spirit. Next Step, Build a Flagpole with a 30′ x 20 Lakers Flag.
    Note: I didn’t know you were into Roses. (hmmmmm)

  9. Congrats on the house! It looks great. But next time make sure wear a Lakers Jersey.

  10. Way to go “guero from the ghetto!”

    Go Lakers!

  11. Rofl Game 1 beating by the LA lakers. 3 wins more for championship. Black Mamba for MVP!!

  12. Now here is a true Lakers fan, unlike those seated courtside posing for the camera.

  13. Great look!!! So artistic….
    What is on the drawing board for next year for next year?
    Maybe a matching garden?
    (Kinda makes me think of “Pippy Longstocking”)

  14. I think you need to add some Celtic green to your house.

  15. Garnett is a coward, go Lakers and Steelers

  16. If the Lakers win the finals this house should become a World Heritage Site, to remain gold and purple for all eternity. If they loose to Boston, it may be repainted. Go Lakers?

  17. Great story…great house…Great Team!! Go Lakers
    Here’s hoping that #16 is sweet revenge for 2008

  18. @ Bostonian: NO booger green next to the PURPLE N GOLD!!! GO LAKERS!!!

  19. NO Celtic Booger Green alllowed next to the PURPLE N GOLD!!! GO LAKERS!!

  20. True blue, but you need something for Chick to round it out.

  21. If the Lakers lose………green and white would be so ugly on this pretty bungalow……..Red and white…go clippers!?

  22. Tony Reese (Chief)

    I need to come over and watch one of the games with you when the Lakers play in Boston. Look for me at the purple and gold house.

    Old School

  23. Yo’ Tom — It’s Mike, yer old neighbor from 1908 N. Alvarado, writing from San Francisco. I’ll miss ya at Game 3 tonight! All best,


  24. If the Lakers win I think the whole team should take their picture at your house…. I’m not a Laker fan but I do like your team spirit :o)

  25. Tom loves basketball, football, baseball. Good thing it’s only the Laker’s colors on his house.

  26. Nice paint job Tom! Go Lakers!!!!!

  27. I just drove by and saw the Laker house.I like Tom’s Laker spirit but I did not expect to see him on his front poarch sporting only his Lakers body paint!


  28. Good Job Tom!!! You are the epitome of what a TRUE LAKER FAN is. Boston is going DOWN DOWN DOWN. School Bus Driver/Fellow Die Hard Laker Fan you gave a lift too at zoo parking Lot.

  29. Looks good, Tom!

    Get ready to add that 3rd banner when they win. 😀

  30. Your house is GREAT!!! and tastefully done.
    GO LAKERS!!!!

  31. Hey Tom,

    NICE HOUSE!!!!!!!!! Way to go…………GOOOOOOOOOOOO LAKERS!!!!!! let’s get this back to back championship on game 7. Need one more banner for LAKERS 2010 back to back (and hopefully another back for 2011).

  32. Joe the Balut Man

    Go Lakers! Awesome pad, hope you invite me over someday.

    Awesome to see Laker pride in the heart of L.A.!

  33. The City of L.A. put a stop sign next to your house because of all the rubberneckers driving by who took their eyes off the road! Lakers ’09/’10 back-to-back baby!

  34. Looks fantastic! Fandom is fundom! Go Lakers!

  35. Nice house Tommyboy ; )

  36. Big T–your a trendsetter, a genius of design and taste. And most people don’t know you’re also a great actor and should have your own reality show. The phones are gonna ring when Hollywood calls.

  37. That is a great article Tom. I too think the Lakers should stop by for a photo with you in front of your house! Tastefully done. Especially like the welcome mat. Are you going to print photos and have a signing? Love your team spirit.

  38. louie the brick eater castrellon

    Hey Tom met you at the corner cottage checked out the house looks awesome.keep up the laker spirit

  39. Tom is a true fan, I saw him after the game last night setting fire to his own car in celebration.

  40. What a game seven!! All we need Tom is a championship from our favorite L.A. Baseball team (ANGELS). Let me know when you want me to go over and start painting your house RED!!

  41. Congratulations to Lakers for win 16th title

  42. Hey Tom where’s the third banner?!! Maybe you can get the Bostonian to help put it up!! LOL. Never mind I think he already jumped off the Victory bridge and is floating face down in the L.A. river!! Boston SUCKS Boston SUCKS Boston SUCKS Boston SUCKS Boston SUCKS Boston SUCKS Boston SUCKS Boston SUCKS…

  43. blondie with the short shorts

    Hey there! I was chatting with you a couple of weeks ago at the zoo. Wow! Nice house! I wonder what the inside looks like?? Hmmm… Maybe someday I’ll get an invitation… 😉 See ya next time I’m at the zoo.

  44. that’s commitment.

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