Unfinished Echo Park condo project gets a trim

A small crew of workers returned to the long-delayed Durbin condo project in Echo Park this morning. But these workers were there to cut overgrown weeds and brush – not finish construction of the 36 units at Echo Park and Delta avenues. Developer Adam O’Neill said  last month that  “we are quickly coming to a resolution” that would eventually allow construction to resume at The Durbin more than a year after it stopped, leaving behind skeletons of buildings framed in blue wood and rusting metal rebar poking through half finished foundations.   Still no word if that  resolution has been reached.


  1. Finally they at least clean that place up, but then again, it is still going to remain an empty space of dirt.. hopefully they will come to an agreement.

  2. Really, did you have to take a picture of this monstrasity? Seriously, why can’t you report relevent news on the Eastsider. You know like the idots that have late night parties up until 3:00am when the locals are trying to get some sleep to go to work the next day. Get over this eyesore already. There is no money, remember, the economy, the banks? Hello! Damn gentrifiers!

  3. They were probably required by the Fire Department to take care of the weeds so this is really a story about an act of compliance with the minimum statutory requirement. P.S. – I love the stories about this development! I’m interested in what is going on with it. Don’t let the information stop.

  4. i’m with you Echo Park. no way they did that out of the goodness in their heart. and LA native, you’re probably right, they will never finish this. BUT this ain’t the New York Times, it’s someone’s blog. they can rattle on about whatever they want.

    PS: I sleep like a baby. you need to shut those neighbors of yours down.

  5. I love the reports on what is and what is not being developed, keep it up.

    Does anyone else really dislike the name DURBIN? It sounds like a mild, but hard to shake, skin disorder – oh no, I’ve got Durbin again.

  6. no LA native, you have it all wrong. We’re pissed at this monstrosity because we fought against it and lost to their promises of a beautiful building, a good use of space, a money maker for the neighborhood, etc, etc… and all we got was this eyesore where we wanted to build a park for the neighborhood. We have a right to be pissed. And they have a responsibility to maintain their property, and do what they said. Otherwise the city should pull their permit. This is our neighborhood and we have a right to be pissed when corporations come in and treat it like crap.

  7. Guerilla gardinista!

    Let’s reclaim the land, Echo Parqueans! Grab your hoes and seeds and watering cans. Let’s make this land work for us while it sits there empty. If we make it a temporary community garden, at least we get some good food to eat while it sits there, looking like crap.

  8. Thank you for covering this story. What happens with this project is important to the community as a whole.

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