What do you do when the LAPD chopper won’t stop flying overhead?

You tweet, of course. That’s what the Highland Park Twitter user known by the name HLP90042 did last night when it appeared that the neighborhood was under aerial assault. Here are the highlights below:


  1. Has anyone ever tried to call the number to find out why there are LAPD ‘copters flying overhead? It’s the LAPD Air Support Division, and the number is 213-485-2600. I tried it a couple of times a year or so ago and the phone just rang and rang.

  2. -The best way to pass the sleepless hours while a LAPD Helicopter is outside ordering suspects to “Drop your weapon and come out with your hands up!”

  3. this thing was flying over my house in Mt Washington, literally . Last night disturbed my beauty sleep

  4. There was also a fire in Mt Washington last night around 1am and the helicopters were in full force lighting it up and dropping water until a little after 2am

  5. Try using the City’s 3-1-1 number to get through to Air Support and then ask them why. They made a presentation recently at a community meeting I attended, and suggested you call them and ask (I don’t know if the number listed in a previous comment is their 24-hour number or not, but 3-1-1 is supposed to have all current contact info). And, they ARE supposed to fill citizens in — when they ask — as to the nature of their work in the area, for safety purposes. . . so people don’t go out into the street and get in the way, etc. “Supposed to” – yes, I understand what that means in many cases, but it’s worth a try.

    They also had some funny stories to tell about just how “stoopid” some of these crooks are — like the one that froze in his tracks when the pilot used “don’t move or I’ll DROP THE DOG (out of the helicopter), and you’re going to get BIT!” (They, of course, don’t HAVE dogs in the choppers, but the ruse was good enough to get that criminal Einstein to lay flat on his stomach and wait for the black-and-whites to arrive a few minutes later. Or, the one who obeyed the loud-speakered voice out of the helicopter telling him to “hold his identification up to the chopper, so I can see who you are” — rather than fleeing the scene. “No, hold it up HIGHER,” the police pilot said — and the suspect DID, and stayed on the scene.

  6. angelofthewest

    There was a ‘copter, fire truck, ambulance or two and a couple of cop cars outside brannigans on sunset last night, just after dark – 8ish? anyone know what that was about? ‘copter had it’s laser beam on.. black&whites were the last to arrive, of course

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