Why live in Eagle Rock?

Comedian Al Madrigal, in an interview with the LA Weekly, says one of the benefits of Eagle Rock living is the relatively small number of entertainer-types – like himself – living in the neighborhood:

“I guess people who hate L.A. never lived here. I’m in Eagle Rock, so it has this great small-town feel with a lower population of the actory L.A. douche bags. Now that I think of it, people probably consider me one of the actor-y Eagle Rock douche bags. Shit.”


  1. He doesn’t say “entertainment-types” he says “actor-y douche bags”.
    Eagle Rock and Northeast LA in general has tons below the line people who work in Hollywood.

  2. Writer/Director Jay Duplass (Cyrus) also lives in Eagle Rock. And I don’t know where he lives, but I see Zack de la Rocha around there all the time.

  3. Eagle Rock rocks because it is a small town neighborhood in a big glitzy city. Beautiful 1930’s Pasadena type houses on large lots and a great range of restaurants – and none of the d-girl, d-boy, wanna-be studio lackey douchebags. A fair number of directors and rock stars who enjoy being able to live a “normal” life when they’re not working, as well a wide range of creatives from DPs, magazine editors, film editors and working actors from Christopher Guest films. And a lot of lesbians for some reason.

  4. It’s bad enough that everybody and his brother thinks it’s fine to slam actors. It’s worse when other actors think it’s ok to do so.

  5. CYRUS is the movie of the year – hilarious.

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