A mall makeover on a budget

The Eagle Rock Plaza is not exactly a looker. The most recent owner has freshened up the interior and entrances to the plaza and hosted numerous events to build closer relations with the community. But from the view of many neighbors,  the 1970s-era mall – sitting at the back of a sun-bleached parking garage – still looks rather drab.  What  to do if the mall does not want to spend a lot more money?  Plant more ivy. That what Bob Gotham, President of The Eagle Rock Association, recommended after walking around the perimeter with mall managers.  Gotham writes in the most recent TERA newsletter:

“The perimeter goal we agreed upon, for the highest visibility areas, is for the chain-link fence to be covered with properly trimmed green ivy.”

Gotham also recommended repairing the sagging chain-link fence and  installing  “Welcome to Eagle Rock” signs at mall entrances.   Growing more vines and fixing a fence is not much of a makeover. But Gotham said these ideas represent first steps to  “to modestly improving the street-presence” of the shopping center. Mall managers, who are preparing to re-stripe the upper lot and improve lighting, said it might take three months to complete some of the improvements.

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  1. Ivy! Are you nuts? that’s the best idea TERA can come up with? A big green leafy home for rats? How about native, drought resistant, California plants? Colorado blvd. needs creative beautification, not ivy.

  2. busytimmy–
    native, drought resistant plants are an ideal but not workable at this time for this location. We already know the management for the mall have not paid attention to the outlying areas, if they’re going to do anything it will have to be easy and affordable.
    Yes, ivy can attract mice/rat families but proper trimming will reduce the chances that they would make a home there. (see the quote above: “properly trimmed ivy”)
    If you know of a fast growing native vine that could be used in place of ivy–and it’s cost comparable with ivy–then provide that information.

    Bob Gotham is to be commended for his efforts in achieving what is workable NOW. I’m sure TERA has a lot more ideas they’d like to see implemented but they understand the need for long range planning and above all, getting the co-operation of the mall operators.

  3. A great idea (at least on the surface now as I think of it) would be to remove some of the upper parking and landscape the area, beautifying what is visible from Colorado. There is more parking than the mall will likely ever need so remove parking and add greenery. Also, bike parking, can’t believe there isn’t official bike parking.

  4. Miss Marissa Lynn

    This poor mall has struggled over the years, but I love it and go there several times a month for the Target, Seafood City, and independent clothing shops. (The EB Games & Payless are good too.)

    I hope a few more shops fill in the gaps and keep the Eagle Rock Plaza alive.

  5. Anything would be an improvement. I feel gross just driving onto the garage, but it IS the closest Target…

  6. Nobody wants to park on the edges, and never have I seen the lot so full that people need to park there. Why not just landscape the far edges or heck, even just the corners. That would be easier on the eyes

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