A literary view of Los Angeles shaped in Echo Park

An ambitious literary and arts journal with a Southern California perspective is being created in a modest second-floor office above an Echo Park wine bar.  From behind big windows overlooking Sunset Boulevard, editors Joe Donnelly and Laurie Ochoa of Slake, which just published its first issue, gaze out upon  the street as  it takes a bend near Silver Lake. Donnelly, an Echo Park resident described the view:

“We can see traffic coming up the hill from the west and bending to the south and east and the opposite winding around the Alvarado curve. It’s really fun to look out the window and see the rich pageantry, as it were. The theme for our first issue is Still Life — in the city, in storytelling, in our culture and in our individual journeys — and looking out the window reminds us of what we’re talking about. Also, as to why Echo Park, I live near Elysian Park, just off Echo Park avenue; my partner, Laurie Ochoa is just a short ride up the 2 and our assistant and copy editor are both on the Eastside. Psychologically, politically, culturally, geographically etc., the publication started with an Eastside heart, but it’s beating for the whole city and is about the entire Los Angeles experience, which is a big job … but someone has to do it. “

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Image from Slake Media


  1. Where can I find a copy of Slake? As a new Los Angeles resident, and also an Echo Park-er (is that what we’re called?), I’m ingesting every experience with the excitement of a kid. It’s great to feel, see, smell, and hear (coyotes and owls of Elysian Park in particular) all new things. Looking forward to getting a copy!

  2. Stories bookstore on Sunset in Echo Park has them

  3. Sandy: You can find Slake at many fine indie booksellers, including Stories right there in Echo Park.

  4. thanks guys – will pick up a copy today! and I haven’t been into Stories yet – so double bonus.

  5. you can find a copy @ Skylight Books

  6. Bon chance, Slake, go with the gods of traditional publishing, but please take care with that Eastside term.

  7. DarrellKuni: We all define Eastside as we like; that’s the nature of geography. On the other hand, spelling (“bon chance”) is less negotiable.

  8. totally with DarellKuni on this one. you kids don’t know anything. When I was a young man, Echo Park was considered the west side, you may as well have been In Santa Monica. And we didn’t have movies either, you wanted to watch something? you stared at the sun. there were no restaurants, or stores or any of that nonsense either. we ate rocks, and feral cats. we lived off the land. life was glorious. glorious I tell you.

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