A moving tribute to the Walking Man of Silver Lake

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A throng of several hundred people walked through Silver Lake  today  to honor the memory of Marc Abrams – the Walking Man – who died Wednesday.  Councilman Tom LaBonge spoke to the crowd before it began walking along many of the same streets that Abrams – who often strolled the neighborhood shirtless while reading a folded newspaper – followed nearly every day.  Abrams remains a beloved figure for many in Silver Lake despite revelations that the 58-year-old doctor was under investigation in connection with the overdose of one of his patients. Silver Lake resident Sandy Driscoll, who snapped photos while taking the walk, said via email:

“I just got back from the walk.  It was wonderful.   I had intended to walk only for a mile or so, but found it so inspirational that I (and my dog) did the whole thing!”

If you would like your photos of today’s memorial walk included in the gallery, please email horizontal images to hello@theEastsiderLA.com.

Photos by Sandy Driscoll and Jesse Saucedo

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  1. So, aren’t you going to post the result of the coroner’s autopsy from Saturday? I realize that might not be the final word, which might await the toxicology report in a couple weeks, but still, let’s hear what came of the autopsy on Saturday.

  2. Yep. Everybody’s waiting for that report. Seems like Abrams either didn’t tell anyone of the probe or everyone just seems to refuse to acknowledge he did anything wrong. Those speaking at the pre-walk memorial spoke of his generosity and kindness, and I am sure he was those things, but it looks like he also had a dark side.

  3. The autopsy results will be posted when available. As Kevin noted,a toxicology report could delay a final report by several weeks.

  4. Well, they will have as of Saturday have the results of that autopsy available. If they need toxicology report for a final determination, they will release Saturday’s results and say final determination is pending the toxicology. So, how about getting us the results of Saturday’s, and let us know if it awaits toxicology report. They provide that info same day as they do the physical autopsy — just a phone call should get it.

  5. OK, final word on the autopsy: suicide by DROWNING! He was found with the lid of the hot tub pulling down closed. No suicide note.

    For myself, I don’t see how that concludes it was suicide and not murder, but at any rate, it was drowning. His lawyer has expressed similar doubts about the suicide conclusion.

    Too bad I had to provide the info rather than read it here.

  6. C’mon Kevin, I wouldn’t be so hard on Mr. Sanchez. He’s one person running this blog, and while Mr. Abrams’ demise is a topic of interest, it’s but one of dozens of issues Mr. Sanchez covers and continues to cover.

    I saw the story in the Times, as you probably did also, and you brought the coroner’s conclusion to us. Much appreciated. But isn’t that one of the things a blog is about, readers’ opinions and contributions?

  7. How do we know that woman who is trying to sue him didn’t put out a hit on the Dr?

  8. The “mourners” can’t even spell his name right.

  9. Don’t believe all that you read in the newspapers but DO believe victims, 97% of the time. ABRAMS saw patients at NIGHT,as far back as 2002 at nights— mostly 7-8pm and had 8 rooms, saw patients 30 seconds at tops. The womans SON died by following the GOODFEEL DRS orders, that is WHAT PATIENTS called him, that lobby patients that waited 4 hrs to see him said that THEY CALLED HIM., SOMEONE SHOULD PULL PATIENTS RECORDS to see whoever have died by Overdosing>??!!

  10. Seriously….that last post…wow. I was a patient of Dr. Marc for over 15 years, and he was no Dr. Feelgood!!! He was always mindful of what meds he was giving….and had good reason. He happened to be a doc who specialized in patients with chronic pain issues. Over the years I heard him deny “pain fakers” all the time.
    Fact is he was an old fashioned Dr. who would see patients for what they could afford…even letting super poor patients cook dinner for him instead of paying an office visit fee.
    Once I was on vacation in Alabama and had forgotten my asthma meds…not only did he call a local pharmacy for my meds….but called twice during my two weel vacation to make sure I was ok!
    It’s a sad case that someone overdosed on meds he prescribed…but the fact is a doc can prescribe you cholesterol meds you could od on. If a patient takes more than the ordered dosage to get high…that is their bad. And if they are addicts they could have more than one doc they are playing….or go buy it on the street.
    Just really sad that a man who was not in medicine for the money and helped so many is being bashed over one patient who clearly took more than what the docs orders were at one time.
    R.I.P. Good Doctor…you are missed.

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