A sleepless night on Ridge Way

Screams. Gunshots. Police armed with assault rifles. That was the scene early LAPD police helicopter over Echo Park.Tuesday morning as described by an Angeleno Heights resident who lives on the 1400 block of Ridge Way:

“Heard gun shots after a guy was yelling “Fuck the police” and screaming his brains out for a bit around 3:30am.   Chopper was on the scene, along with a few squad cars with some officers who got out in front of my house and then pulled out an assault rifle … “

Four police units arrived on the street within minutes of the first call, said Lt. Wes Buhrmester with Rampart Division.   He explains why the officers armed themselves with rifles and the aftermath:

“Under such circumstances, a patrol officer trained in the use of a police rifle would be permitted to deploy it, since it involves a possible suspect at a position of advantage, in this case inside a structure. Officers made contact, and determined the male was intoxicated, and found no evidence of shots fired or domestic violence.  The matter was resolved after it was found the male had misdemeanor warrants.”


  1. So the 6 gunshots we all heard (which sounded like they came from the lake) and this drunk and disorderly dude were two different occurrences within a couple blocks and minutes of one another?

  2. I live right next to there and watched most of it.
    The guy was in fact yelling:
    “Fuck Echo Park (or Echo Parque). Fuck all y’all” When the police left, the shouting RESUMED, so the matter was NOT resolved.

    I assume, due to the visible presence last night of the local gang all over Kensington (and much later than normal), that something is going on with them. The graffiti war on the corner of Laveta and Laguna seems to support this. Crossed out every other night: VOBS, EchoxParque, VOBS, EchoxParque. VOBS. Finally, “EchoXparque. Come play Bitches.” Looks like VOBS wanted to come out and play.

  3. I’m also confused as to whether this was the same event described in the earlier post by Lt Wes Buhrmester, which was described as occuring in the 1000 block of Echo Park Ave. Now we hear about an incident in Ridge Way. Were they two separate incidents?

  4. I saw and heard this guy and his gunshots all the way over by my house near Beverly/Normandie.

  5. This is a separate incident that happened Tuesday morning. The shots at Echo Park Lake were reported today. We got to keep our crimes straight!

  6. Eastsider No More

    I recently moved from Echo Park for this very reason. After living off Glendale/Alessandro for 7 years I must of heard gun shots 3-4 times per month. Why don’t we hear more stories about stray bullets killing innocent hipsters?

  7. Who is VOBS? Interesting.

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