Councilman Huizar takes out the trash*

A common complaint in Echo Park is the sight of overflowing trash cans on Sunset Boulevard. City officials have over the years recommended against installing more trash cans because there was no money to pay workers to empty them out.  Well, at least in Boyle Heights and other Eastside neighborhoods, money seems to be available.  Today, the City Council will review a motion by Councilman Jose Huizar asking  to spend nearly $35,000 to  empty out trash cans across his district – which ranges from Eagle Rock to Boyle Heights –  up to three times week (Echo Park is split between Council District One and 13).

The contract with non profit agencies covers more than 50 trash cans alone in Boyle Heights.  An additional 120 trash cans will get cleaned out along Figueroa Street and York Boulevard in Highland Park,  Huntington Drive in EI Sereno and Yosemite Drive in Eagle Rock.

* The City Council approved a substitute motion to fund the trash can cleaning.

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  1. Jose Huizer takes care of his constituents. Too bad Eric Garcetti doesn’t do the same for his. Garcetti is too busy hob nobbing.

  2. Oddly enough, I’ve heard people in both District 13 and 14 say just the opposite – Huizar – BAD; Garcetti – MUCH better.

    Perspective is a funny thing. Others say Reyes is bad, better, worst, best.

  3. Remeber that Huizar is in an election period-all even-numbered districts up for election in March 2010, and this “attention” to the district in inescapably connected to that condition. Also, none of this is HUIZAR’s personal money- spending will increase as the election nears for those seeking re-election.

    Jose has issues with money, CLARTS funds, other dscretionary funds like Street Furniture account that may or may not have any proper accounting for Huizar’s spending to show sources, amounts, payees and purposes.

    By sending money for the trash collection to non-profits, is he rewarding friends or was this up for open bidding? Always more that appears on the surface with the council members.

    And I heard Jose’s got a new vehicle that’s got a $52,000 price tag, but who’s paying for it is not clear. If it’s a city expense, even allowed, I don’t see any frugality practiced as the city lays off people while rewarding others with union leverage (especially for voting impact).

    Unfettered benevolence is not the motivation here for Jose’s actions. Where’s the street trash coming from anyway? Some businesses on the cheap side use these illegally. Maybe Jose could work on educating people to use home or business trash receptacles and not these- more trouble, but so is carrying cloth shopping bags instead of the plastic ones that city council had no trouble restricting. Changes in habits or regular practices could help cut the extent of a lot of such expenses and make people bear more personal responsibility.

    So much for unpopular ideas, but the city can’t continue to be anyone’s housekeeper- besides, that just gives them excuses to raise fees and ask for more taxes. Don’t give them more oportunities.

  4. Trash does not simply stay put. In Echo Park trash loiters around the place where it was dropped and then moves into storm drains on a journey that takes it to Echo Lake before moving out to the LA River and beach. This
    unaccounted “orphan” trash needs trash cans that can contain it while
    awaiting an uncertain collection date. The Solar Big Belly Compactor Trash
    Can by Sea Horse Power Company is one smart solution. The unit comes with a recycling unit if desired. Numerous US Cities, parks, colleges forest service areas and beach towns have replaced their open faced mesh trash
    cans with these compactors which hold five times as much as a mesh can
    and can be programmed to call up an agency /office when full!
    In addition, despite their initial cost, they are durable, and in a short time
    repay their investment as a result of fewer collections trips and labor costs.
    There is little to nothing to dislike about them. Echo Park has two such units
    thanks to a Community Beautification Grant from the Office of Community Beautification, Board of Public Works, Los Angeles City. The Grant was awarded to Echo Park Trash Abatement Project which has undertaken numerous cleanups that have translated into meeting the $10,000.00 matching requirement. Area residents, businesses and Central City Action Committee and others have committed time to making the project succeed. The permitting process
    is a slow one but supporters remain optamistic. Those wishing to check out
    one of these compactor trash cans need not look further than Chinatown.
    There are two at the end of Hill Street near Chunking Plaza and by Empress Pavillion that are managed by Waste Management for Chinatown BID ( Business Improvement District).
    In a short time the Prop O Echo Lake Rehabilitation Project will commence.
    Once the Prop O is completed, keeping trash and pollution out of Lake is
    crucial. Trash containment, LID ( Low Impact Development), the Hillside
    Ordinance and other water improvement measures will hopefully maintain the
    health of the Lake and Lotus, LA River and the marine environment. Echo Park residents are encouraged to join the September 25 California Coastal
    Clean Up Day 2010 hosted by Central City Action Committee and Echo Park TAP as one of around 80 sites organized by Heal The Bay. Check the calendar for details or http://www.Healthebay.org/CCD. The Echo Park trash count
    is not to be missed and the cigarette butt collection beats that from all other
    sites! Check out the schedule for various tabling events at the Echo Park Farmer’s Market on Friday ( 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM) on water improvement and trash reduction. But don’t wait. Make every Saturday an Echo Park Two Bags
    and a Bucket Saturday. Pick up after your dog. Pick up after a dog whose owner didn’t. Lug a bucket to rake/pick up trash on parkways, pavements
    and curbs and trails. Echo Park needs your hand. Trash beware!

    Ida Talalla
    Echo Park TAP (Trash Abatement Project)

  5. Why the not-profit Org. have to get the contrat.? we need a good business company that we the voters will made them reponsable that the work is done and on time. but where this work will be done? hope you can do a follow? Now I jusr know that Huizar is for re-election…..

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