Do you know where your pants are?

Apparently Silver Lake burglars will take anything – including a pair of pants. That’s what a man in the 600 block of Maltman Avenue discovered Wednesday morning when he awoke to find the pants he had left near an open window had gone missing – along with his wallet. Officer Mario Mota with the LAPD Rampart Divsion has the run down:

“Victim placed his pants on top of chair next to window and went to sleep. When victim woke up in the morning around 7am, the pants were gone.  The suspect had reached in through the open window and removed the pants that contained the victims wallet.  The suspect fled without being seen.  This is a little unusual and I believe the crime took place moments before the victim woke up. The window faced the sidewalk.”

Photo by Lgkiii/Flickr


  1. Maybe they were nice pants, but I’m betting the snatcher got sight of something potentially wallet-like occupying one of the pockets.

    I guess the moral of this crime story is don’t leave your pants within arm’s reach of a sidewalk-level open window. Or if you positively must then: A) empty the pockets, B) lock the window, C) lock the pants, D) boobytrap them, or E) all of the above.

  2. Um, I think I know where to look, maybe with WHOEVER TOOK THIS PICTURE OF THE STOLEN PANTS!!! I don’t know how big the staff of the eastsider is, but I think we can narrow down the search. And, what was in the wallet that was so appealing? Hair gel? Seriously.

  3. Dear, Joan. The Eastsider could always use a new pair of pants but was not involved in the taking or photographing of the pants in the picture – the image comes from Flickr.

  4. dear stolen pants and the eastsider, on the same block is a vintage clothing establishment. Perhaps whoever stole them needed some vintage pants to sell and Voila open window! Here is the link
    There on Maltman.

  5. C. Auguste Dupin

    Let us examine the available data. The victim fell asleep with their wallet in their pants, & their pants thrown over a chair next to an open window that faced the sidewalk. From this, we can conclude that they’d only recently returned home from happy hour at The Gold Room or possibly El Compadre & would be none too easily roused form their slumber. Now, dear friends, if you’ll indulge me by going to the 600 block of Maltman on Google maps & using the street view…what do we have here on the corner where Maltman dead-ends at Bellevue, but several uncouth-looking ruffians, whose furtive glances betray their precious albeit illicit cargo. Are those a pair of “hot” pants I see tucked away in the bed of their light-duty pickup? One can only hope the mysterious passerby in the background is using his cellular phone to report these perfidious pantaloon-purloining peons to the local constabulary.

  6. Hey, where’s my pie?


  7. Another bit of advice- be carful what clothing you hang on clothing lines: when I was a kid in the 1970’s I begged my mom for a pair of side saddle Ditto jeans. All of our clothes came from the Salvation Army so we got only what people donated and no one was donating these coveted jeans. So my mom “found” a pair my dream jeans on a clothes line. When she gave them to me she advised me not to wear them if I was going to be anywhere near Montana and 4th Street (Santa Monica)

  8. Looks like somebody hooked via craigslist and is too embarrassed to admit they got burned by an anonymous trick…

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