Echo Park’s nightlife will be getting more crowded

Echo Park’s bustling night life  has drawn complaints about rowdy crowds and made the neighborhood a popular spot for LAPD sobriety check points. But, if anything, the sidewalks of Sunset Boulevard will become more crowded after hours as a mix of new and old Echo Park business owners seek to tap into the night life economy. Tonight, Echo Park’s neighborhood council is scheduled to review a request of support from Rodeo Grill to sell a full line of alcohol and remain open until 1 AM. The Sunset Boulevard Mexican restaurant, however, would face a lot of competition for Echo Park club goers and night owls. If the city and state grant all the current requests, more than 20 Echo Park bars and restaurants on or near Sunset Boulevard will be pouring everything from $2.50 margaritas to $15 glasses of wine late into the night.

Two blocks east of Rodeo Grill, Lot 1 Cafe at Sunset Boulevard and Laveta Terrace applied to serve beer and wine indoors and outdoors until 1 AM and to serve food until 4 AM.  Meanwhile, on the western edge of Echo Park’s Sunset Strip, El Camino, a new 216-seat supper club  now under construction in the former Studio One theater,  filed a request with the city to serve a full line of alcoholic drinks as part of a restaurant with live music  that would remain open until 2 AM, except on Sundays when it would close at 1 AM.

On Glendale Boulevard near the Sunset Boulevard bridge, It’s Thai wants to sell beer and wine to its customers. But the restaurant’s patrons apparently like to retire early. Beer and alcohol would  be served only until 10 PM.


  1. I’m not against the many changes going on in Echo Park. And, generally, most would agree that the neighborhood is safer than it has ever been. But the proliferation of alcohol-serving venues in the neighborhood has caused some concern and gives rise to a whole new set of problems.

    For example (and this is just one example), I own a home right off of the main strip (Sunset and Echo Park), and on two separate occasions, I have returned home in the evening and run across a drunk, young-ish woman (both times it was a woman) defecating on the side-walk next to my home. Yes, defecating. The first time I confronted the woman, I asked her to put her pants up and to go to a gas station. There was a car load of men waiting for her and one of them got out of the car when I approached her and appeared menacing so I rushed into my house. Both the man and the woman looked drunk. The second time, the woman had finished her business (on the sidewalk!) and was getting into a car when I came home. The surprising thing about this story is that the homeless people in the neighborhood have never done this and would probably never do this in a well traveled street, but drunk young people are a different story all together. I’m not sure what can be done about the problems with public urination and defecation, but I’m putting it out there because it needs to stop!

  2. ‘Homeowner’…these are the problems with alcohol unfortunately…the more people drink the crazier they get….there should be more of a police presence….the money from the alcohol should be able to pay for the added police.

  3. Claiming the city giving out liquor licenses has a direct correlation to public urination is a bit dramatic. Sorry, but sometimes people run across other drunk people who do stupid things. Such is life.

    More places to go and get drinks is always a plus. I’m just glad the old theatre has been bought up (although, if it were me, I would open a Brewvies in Echo Park).

    As for Lot1 and Rodeo…shouldn’t all places that serve food be able to serve you a beer with that as well? I see no harm.

  4. I’m just worried about parking..I’m happy a cool venue with entertainment and a full bar will open across the street from me (im on Rosemont) but I can only imagine the weekends when patrons will be taking over our parking!! and especially on days that the sweeper comes, agh!

  5. gia & berth, you both come down quite hard on the homeowner… too much so in my opinion. berth, we can pretend that the proliferation of late night boozing has no real effect on public urination. but we’d be pretending. drunk people piss in the street. duh.

    gia, thanks for admitting that alcohol is the cause of these problems. i just don’t see how increased revenue at bars or restaurants will pay for increased police presence. we don’t hire the police to come to our neighborhoods.

    homeowner points to a real problem!

  6. Jakey…that’s the way it should work…if these places want to sell more alcohol obviously to make more money…part of that money which is taxed should go to an extra cop of two in the neighborhood…I think its safe to say that Echo Park needs it.

  7. I once got a ticket for peeing in some bushes in the warehouse district /skid row area on my way to a party. I was not even drunk yet I just had to go and there was nowhere else! cops were a bit extreme about it all.

    bummer chicks are dropping deuces in front of your house that is pretty odd.

    I do not see much harm in the listed places to get beer & booze.

  8. unico / i party

    dear homeowner; i suggest you have a water hose handy. next time some one is doing their nastiness on the street hose them down. and say, “opps i didnt see you.”

    make sure to have some mace handy tho.

    also anyone who thinks alcohol does not add to the lewd and loud behaviour along a blvd is plain silly.

    -one who spends his nights partyin about town. often loudly. sometimes lewdly.

  9. Homeowner, you’re not “putting it out there,” SHE was 🙂

  10. Not happy with EP becoming the party ghetto. If you type in EP in Facebook or Twitter, you see that most the posts talk about being “wasted in Echo Park.” I sincerely doubt that those folks are all taking cabs to/from. That’s what bums me out the most. I’ve had the drunk hipsters peeing in my yard, and I can get over that, but the amount of drunk driving is hard to tolerate…

  11. As a resident of Echo Park who frequents several of the venues on Sunset, I don’t think it;s a matter of whether or not the venue serves alcohol but how the venues monitor the amount they serve they patrons. I’ve lived off of Sunset for 7 years and have recently noticed that night time crowds have gotten a lot more rowdy and unsafe for those driving whether sober or not. A drunk guy ran out into the middle of the road the other night and fell down while there was a green light and I almost hit him. It was 8:30 PM, people. While I’m all for as many new music venues, art galleries and shops (let’s pump up the economy!) with or without liquor licenses, the responsibility comes down to the businesses not overserving patrons.

  12. whose down wit EPP?? (Echo Park Poop ) ok…had to throw that in there. when you gotta go.. you gotta go :/ I mean..do we need “please pick up after your hipster” signs now in EP.

  13. I bet that if these establishments that are requesting liquor licenses promise to give the President and co-chair of the neighborhood council a lot of free food, the push will go very smoothly!! Oh I forgot the officer of what is it? The one who gets all the free stuff from the City?

  14. Blooming In Echo Park

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if the LAPD would initiate bike patrols on the weekends between Temple and Sunset / Alvarado and Douglas? It would definitely stop the poopers! I’d chip in just to help myself get home safely.

  15. I get drunk every weekend..pisss on some white dudes lawn or trashcans and I don’t give a damn..echo park has always been the spot so check it!

  16. Whoo hoo party at Rodeo Grill! Stylin’!

  17. “Blooming…” that would be awesome.

  18. I'm with Homeowner

    I think the proliferation of these night clubs is impeding on our quiet enjoyment. Why just last night, two men squeezed their Toyota Tundra into a parking space on Scott Avenue (Between Logan Ave. and Echo Park). After parking, both of them, under the city lights, and in full view of oncoming cars, along Scott, proceeded to expose themselves and urinate! We continually have to monitor our driveway for cars constantly blocking our driveway. What’s amazing is when you confront them, most just keep walking that is till you threaten them with their car being towed! We’ve had several cars being broken into, drunken shouting matches up and down the streets between 2-5am! Sorry, but in all my 20+ years of living in Echo Park, I’ve never encountered a single Dodger fan behaving in this manner. The most we had to worry about was traffic to and from the stadium and horns honking after a Dodger victory. Many of the people who come to the night clubs don’t live here, so they don’t care about those of us that do!

  19. Angelo, you sound like a quality fellow. Glad to know you’re down with making the neighborhood fun for all.

    Forget sidewalk deucing (which is horrible) the worst part of Echo Park being a ‘party ghetto’ is that it’s completely useless to try and go to the Short Stop or Gold Room on a weekend now because it’s so crowded. Ugh. Or guys not from the area (like, SF Giants hat style) picking fights.

    Look I’m no old hand and it’s stupid to complain about people wanting to enjoy someplace I like (who can blame them?). So now I just drunk during the week and get my sleep back during the weekend. Sorta works.

  20. All I have to say is boy there sure are alot of ALCOHOLICS out there. I have lived in this neighborhood for 12 years and it has just become awful. I am so glad that I do not patronize those so called trendy venues.

  21. Dan, what kinds of things do you do around LA, as far as nightlife goes? Have you ever been to La Cita?

  22. before the Sigalas ever took over the neighborhood council, there was a board that in my opioion was all out for gentification, as a member of the planning and land use committee, I saw how when an Anglo went in requesting a hearing for a full liquior bar, Butler, stickler and others said how nice it would be for than to be able to walk to a place imbibe and walk home. I always said there where too many liquior licences being handled out. BUT what would bother me was if a LATINO owner came in requesting the same, the inquision was turned on full blast. Rodeo’s has been nothing but complaiant to all request , keeping the place clean, check out there place on olmpic the bar is nice, nice nice , clean. I would see it has a racist tool to shut down this place if the licence isnt approved, and even if its not via NC they will still get i t via $$$$.

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