How many ways can you say “No Parking”?

Parking must be tight in the 700 block of Cummings Street in Boyle Heights judging by the nearly 20 “No Parking” and warning signs on a pair of garage doors.


  1. This totally makes me want to park there.

  2. I don’t know if I’m reading other signs Ricki, but I wouldn’t park there if I was you. First off it’s probably hard getting your mower in and out of that when there’s cars in front. So your grass gets too tall, and them dandillions fill in under your nose. I’d respect his privacy and park in a parking lot, that way you know where to park and there’s lines for you. I bet them signs spelled different, so you don’t know what to believe. Either ways, it looks good and sunny there!

  3. My crappy neighbor used to block my garage all the time. His garage was right next to mine, just like in the picture. But, instead of parking in front of his own garage, without fail, he’d always park in front of mine.

  4. Ditto.
    I’ve lived in 3 different parts of EP and had a garage of some sort in each.
    Each time the neighbors, and their friends, would park in my driveway and not their own. Then they’d have the audacity get all pissy about it when asked to move because, god forbid, I wanted to pull my car out.
    One solution that works; call parking enforcement. After about 3 tickets, I guarantee no one parks in your driveway again.
    Funny thing is, had the entitled pricks asked (or at least written a note), I would’ve been cool about it.

  5. ^^ in NYC, that sort of behavior would get you automatically towed, neighborly spirit be damned. You’re paying for parking, they’re robbing you of your ROI.

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