L.A. Flea Market at Dodger Stadium opens to mixed reviews

Photo by Larry Gross/Facebook

Hordes of flea market fans ignored the heat and descended on the Dodger Stadium parking lot Sunday morning to check out the debut of  the L.A. Flea Market.   Some vendors – including Salvation Army – got rave reviews and the food trucks were a big hit, perhaps stealing the show from the traditional flea market vendors, according to Twitter users.  But many  first-day visitors – who paid between $5 to $25 to enter the market – were  less than enthusiastic:

“From all the disappointed tweets about LA Flea Market, sounds like Rose Bowl Flea Market has nothing to fear. Hopefully improves each time.” –  Typefiend

“Take on the LA Flea Market: food trucks were nice, but would rather spend time and $$ at the Rose Bowl. Much larger selection of vendors.”  – DuhKeeks

“Dropped by the LA Flea Market opening. My impression is probably tainted by the extreme heat, but it’s a mediocre flea market w better food.”  – jazzimgc

“LA Flea Market: not as much crap as one would hope.” – Eric Nigg

The next L.A. Flea Market is scheduled for August 29.


  1. I thought it was great I was a vendor and a spender!

  2. I was impressed with the LA Flea Market and will definately be going by Aug 29th. I really liked the Salvation Army section the best….there were my bargains and the people working the booths we giving good deals. I bought a record play new in the box for $5!

  3. Good Turn out but was expecting more vendors. Most vendors had great stuff, loved the Salvation Army booths. Their staff was great and pet friendly!

  4. I would love to know A) how much vendors paid for their spot and B) how much they made. This information is never released so as not to deter vendors from applying thinking they will actually make some money. This happens at street fairs like the Sunset Junction – each year there’s a new batch of suckers sitting there on the hot asphalt looking sad.

  5. I paid $95 and sold $1500. I don’t feel like a poor sucker.

  6. i thought it stunk.

  7. I was a vendor that paid $100 and sold one $10 item. I sell accessories and have never participated in an unorganized mess of an event. It is NOT worth attending and am VERY disappointed.
    Also, the event should not be dog friendly, mind you I LOVE DOGS, but the black asphalt in that horrendous heat is not ok for any animal to walk on. Especially when the event did not offer shaded areas or cool off spots for people & their pets to take a breather from shopping.

  8. my girl and I came out ready for the much anticipated event and were completely let down! I will say it was the worst flea market ive ever been to….not enough good stuff number 1, the stuff that was there was crazy over priced, no shade or relief from heat made u wanna get out quick! so anyways….stinky…..IMO

  9. Well I got to say I was a vendor and I sold a lot and I had fun. I thought it was a great turn out and I already send my app. for next month I just hope it’s not as HOT!!!

  10. Took my mom, bought one sticker which I am happy with. But still disappointed with the lack of vendors. The map layout made it seem bigger than it ended up being. However, I do anticipate things getting better as the months go on. The first one is always a mess so I’m hopeful the organizers, vendors and shoppers learn from this experience and do what they gotta do to make sure the next one is better.

  11. It was so bad in the worst way. After marketing the hell out of it as being made up of “hand picked vendors” and such I was shocked and disappointed by the amount of new, tacky, banal junk there and total lack of collector flea market type stuff like clothes and furniture and records and lighting etc etc that anybody who attends flea markets expects to find. The ratio to new/old was around 90/10! Its was so horrible that when you first walk in you have to run a ghetto of snake oil salesmen, fake distressed cutesy home sweet home junk and weight loss scams. I mean this was like some second rate direct marketing event at the back of a Indian casino in Henderson NV. It was for all intense and purposes the polar opposite of what a good flea market should be. If this is to be a success they need to hand pick the hand pickers with a lot more care reorient the layout and bring in the reall junkers. The only redemption (too big a word really) was the food trucks (half ran out of water) and the location. One word to sum it up: disaster.

  12. I’m 8 months pregnant, husband and I purchased the VIP tickets and it was well worth it. We came prepared and had a personal water mister. It was hot but we were able to rest at the VIP resting area where we were given free ice cold water and other beverages. Also there was an air conditioned bathroom for those who had VIP. I really enjoyed the vendors that were there, 10x’s better than the vendors they had at the Rose Bowl Flea market, we were actually able to purchase items this time around. The Rose Bowls layout is really bad and more like an overpriced yard sale. The lunch trucks were a hit for me too!! I will not be able to go to the next one because I will have a baby by then but to have a good review from an 8 month pregnant woman I’m sure says a lot. I walked the whole thing TWICE and I was not the only prego there either. And one more thing to add, we paid $15 for VIP parking at the Rose Bowl, so not worth it, when you can pay $10 more at the LA Flea Market and get VIP Valet Parking with VIP bathrooms and lounge area.

  13. Aldo Thee Apache

    Crap. Utter Crap. Was sooo bummed.
    ‘Ollie’ above summed it up quite tidily (and it sounds like ‘Eve’ above is paid marketing shill for it).
    It was all a bunch of faux-vintage junk, hippy candle sellers, and hoards of cheap used plastic crap that people bought at the 99¢ that they were trying to offload.
    I’d rate it about a notch above the wonderful unofficial Echo Park Sunday Swap blight.
    The Rose bowl may be large and unwieldy but at least there’s some REAL treasures to be found there.

  14. The event itself was OK, and I have to say I second Nicki’s comment about the dogs. It was too hot and miserable for people to have brought their dogs–leave ’em at home next time, please. I understand you want to show off your puggle, but that asphalt must’ve been burning hot. Good grief.

  15. Wow… It’s pretty interesting seeing these comments about my new market. I do agree that things can improve and will improve. But was it really THAT bad? I actually liked the way it turned out. We are not the Rose Bowl and don’t want to be. I am trying to create a place where people can come and have a good time, shop and eat… and listen to great music. It was hot and the morning got off to a rough start. We had over 420 vendors and our bands were great. The food was great too. Can’t do anything about people bringing their dogs to the event. I have 3 dogs (who stayed home because I was fearful of how hot it was going to be) but thought it was a nice option for owners to know their pets would be welcome. The vendors will grow and we will weed out the vendors that don’t tell us the whole truth about the type of merchandise they sell. In closing, I am open to hear suggestions. My personal email is listed. I will keep doing my best though for all those who want this to succeed.

  16. ^
    “We are not the Rose Bowl and don’t want to be.”

    Um, Mr. Dane, then why did you tell the L.A. Times (July 12th) that
    “Our whole goal is to give L.A. a more upscale version of the Rose Bowl Flea Market, which has been around for 40 years.”


  17. My husband & I were vendors at this event. Although there were some problems initially in the morning, the event staff was obviously overwhelmed & inexperienced, that can be remedied by assigning spaces & maps to the vendors EARLY. Perhaps letting vendors come in phases. Some vendors actually do want to arrive at 3 or 4 AM to set-up. For instance, the first phase comes in from 3 to 5 AM & the next phase from 5 to 7 AM. But after arriving at our space we were happy with the event. There were some more experienced vendors mixed with some new vendors, but everything takes time to get adjusted — this was the GRAND OPENING. The Food Trucks were well organized, with seating to eat near the music. There should probably be more amplifiers placed throughout the event for better sound clarity. There should always be staff cleaning & restocking the bathroom area (t.p., paper towels, water, trash). Any “dog friendly” event needs to provide shade & a potty area. The owner should bring water & a waste disposal method — and should know when it’s too hot to bring Fido along. The event is at a great location & has great potential. Plus the charitable aspects of the event. Give this promoter a chance!

  18. Total rubbish. The crap being sold here is all NEW…nothing old. Crystal Mud whatever it was has NO place in a flea market, neither do half the others vendors. Mr Dane, if you really want this thing to survive, don’t allow anybody selling handicrafts to be a vendor, or put them in a seperate section. I didn’t see anything that wasn’t new or last 10 years.

    Except one chrome lamp, that was a 1950’s thing, and had the switch and three sockets missing, and they wanted $350 for it. Utter rubbish. Food trucks shmood trucks, it’s not a theme park, it’s a flea market, such an embarassment to our city. Long Beach is by far and away the best

  19. I liked it. I had a great time and though I greatly overestimated the temperature (and thus my poor dog had to be carried all day), I found it to be a lot of fun. I found some very good merchandise, especially in the section with vintage stuff. I loved the food trucks. I think when the weather cools down, this will be a great weekend stop.

  20. Honestly I have never beed to a more dissorganized event. staring from the what ever industries that didn know where anything was to begin with. and the bottle neck traffic jam that could have been prevented had they been more organized. I know I saw some sellers return and leave the place after having to wait since like 4am and were not let in until 9 when it was already hot and still have to set up. I saw people get out of there own vehicles to direct the traffinc because the idiots that were there didnt know what they were doing. I have never herd so many cars honk there horns because of how upset they were. it was awful, I know I spoke to some customers that were just as upset as the sellers about this whole ordeal. they should have compensated the sellers for haveing to deal with this crap and the customers for having to wait even though they got early tickets and people were still setting up. the only thing that I saw that reflected the antique of that market were those gorgeouse restored antique electric fans that young fellow had. other then that I dont think I would waste my time even going there if they cant keep the parking organized.

  21. Beer Garden?

  22. I also was a vendor..selling vintage clothing & accessories. I did pretty okay…about $600. But I will be back and I expect the show to get better and better with each passing month. I wasn’t happy with the disorganization, BUT it was the first show, it was too be expected. Location is great…people running the show have been nothing but NICE. And if you can keep the buyers coming, I’m in!

  23. I had very high hopes for what was supposed to be a “high end” market. Philip Dane hyped the crap out of the LA Flea Market and personally I thought it was a flop. It should have been called the Salvation Army Flea Market because walking around it was as if most of the vendors only had stuff you would find at the Salvation Army…or in other words….the crap nobody wants. This show was a failure and I will not be going back. The heat has nothing to do with my opinion either….I expected it to be hot and it really wasn’t that bad.
    What pisses me off the most is that we took along a couple friends who had never been to a big flea market before and they were just as excited as I was. Later that evening when I was looking for people’s reviews on the LA Flea Market I realized the Long Beach Antique Market was on the same day. DAMN IT!! I would have much rather gone to Long Beach…..my friends would have had a better time too. We walked through the LA Flea Market in about 2 hours. 2 hours to drive up to LA plus 2 hours to walk through the worthless crap plus 2 hours to drive home = 6 hours of our wasted time.
    I cannot wait until the next Rose Bowl flea market….I’ve been to that one before, and that one is amazing. The LA Flea Market simply did not live up to all the hype that Philip Dane created and that’s too bad. I was really hoping it would be awesome…….but it sucked really really bad.

  24. I’ve been a vendor in LA for 20 years and heard through the grapevine that one good old time vendor sold very well (5k) and will be coming back. The haters above sound like Rose Bowl employees. Who cares about the Rose Bowl? It’s a great flea market, so is Long Beach, and there’s room for more! L.A. loves flea markets, things take a while to get going sometimes, and this promoter, who I do not know, is obviously going for something and giving it his best shot. Personally I’m not a fan of mixing music with flea markets. It’s harder for the vendors to sell. Mr. Dane if you want to do music than put on a concert not a flea market. Good markets get going when they are focussed on what they are. That’s the only downfall I can see here.
    If it’s a flea market, L.A. style, the ‘crafters’ need to be in a seperate section, and the sellers and buyers of cool old treasures need to focus and not be about dogs, music, and a ‘day of fun’. Real markets get going because of the mutual and focussed mission of buying and selling old treasures. Pets and music home is my vote.

  25. Yes, it was hot. It was also hot in Pasadena and Long Beach. We went last month and were thrilled with the treasures we found. The Salvation Army had a large presence and was offering excellent deals on some beautiful goods. I hope they are there again tomorrow. There were an awful lot of venders selling new merchandise or crafts which is not what I am in the market for but there is a place for them at the flea market too and they do not have to be “segregated”. Good Lord, People! The fun is in the hunt. So what if you have a vintage booth followed by two new booths before you see another vintage booth. We had a great time and the view of the city is fantastic. I do not know Phillip Dane but my hats off to him for his first effort. I wish him and all of the vendors at Dodger Stadium much success. If you want to see more vintage sellers there, tell the vintage sellers you want to see them there. That’s what we’ve done.

  26. I’m sorry Phiilip; I wanted to like it, I really did! I came up all the way from San Diego with my wallet full of cash and my 75 yr old Angeleno parents; they are used to the heat but it really got to them; of course not your fault. But the fact that it was heavily advertised in the antique journals led me to believe there were be a much larger proportion of such vendors than there were – full page ads in the Collector magazine made it kind of misleading to us antiquers. In fact, I ran into the editor of that magazine there (Frank!) and he asked me where the antiques were. I told him they were way in the back and that there was not much, and what was there was priced for the Melrose urban-hippie crowd who are used to paying outrageous prices for items you can find at Goodwill for $5. I wish you success in the future, but please don’t advertise in the antique magazines if you do not increase the number of such vendors. It will lead to a lot of disappointed/angry individuals who make the drive for nothing. I left there empty-handed and headed straight for the Pomona antique district, where I spent my money on items that were of the same caliber and higher than at Dodger Stadium, and paid much much less than what they were asking.

    Someone please start a true antique fair in LA – there’s enough old homes to fill up 10 arenas!