LAPD fights car thieves with low prices

Earlier this year the LAPD Northeast police station in Glassell Park began selling The CLUB steering wheel locks  for only $11 – compared to about $30 at most retailers – under its 11 for 11 program.  The  name of the promotion refers to the cost of the lock and the 11 seconds police estimate it takes to install The CLUB. So far, the Northeast Division has sold more than 170 of the locks since the 11 for 11 promotion began in March.  But, fearing that  the price might be too low, Northeast Division Capt. William Murphy has limited sales of the $11 CLUB to one per person:

“We want to avoid someone walking into the station and buying 20 CLUBs – only to sell them on the street or at some swap meet for a profit.”


  1. Something hits me as wrong about this. I KNOW that the police will often tell you the Club offers very little protection against care theft — because a car thief can bypass it in about 30 second. Just a very quick saw of the steering wheel is all it takes. Police warn the Club gives people a false sense of protection, making them less likely to take other precautions that perhaps they should.

    So, then, why are the POLICE selling the Club? Something about this just doesn’t sound right.

    I HOPE it is not a matter of who cares about giving people a false sense of protection, we have money to make and want to fool people into good will.

  2. Lt. Wes Buhrmester, Rampart Patrol Division

    Steering wheel devices are not the end-all when it comes to preventing car theft, however it’s one more obstacle for an opportunist thief, which we find describes most of the car thieves in Rampart and Northeast Divisions. This conclusion is borne out by the fact most of the cars stolen are recovered in the same division, and not stripped or burned. True, if someone wants a car or motorcycle bad enough, they’ll defeat the steering wheel device, or simply tow the vehicle away. I’ve known of only one victim who had a thief saw their steering wheel to compromise the device. Most car thieves do not carry that type of equipment.

    I have not heard of any officers stating the devices give a false sense of security. We encourage their use as part of an overall security and awareness program. If anyone says they stop car thefts totally, that is not correct. As for their purchase, the money comes from grants and donations from community organizations. Any money received from sales goes into a fund to purchase more devices. No profit is made by the City, or the Department or divisions, from the sale of these.

    If I’m incorrect in any of this, of course, let me know! Hope everyone is enjoying a safe and secure week.

    (213) 484-3400

  3. try the brake lock if you are concerned about the steering wheel lock.

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