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Dear Eastsiders:

I hope you might be able to help out me and my family.  We are East Coasters and may be relocating to the LA area.  We are not independently wealthy and have two children, one in high school and the other in middle school.  We are trying to find areas to live with good schools and somewhat reasonable house prices.  This could include renting if needed.

If you have any information on cities, towns or neighborhoods that would be great.  It seems that based on your website that your organization is well organized and educated with these subjects.

Thank you in advance for your advice.

Baltimore, MD.


  1. Marshall High School in Los Feliz has a pretty good track record at winning the Academic Decathalon and it’s public so that might be an influence in choosing your area. Nothing is cheap around Los Feliz but there are plenty of places nearby to rent and Silver Lake, although it is not cheap either, does have places to rent that are more or less reasonable in rental price. Hope that helps.

    derek torres

  2. Stay in Baltimore until your kids finish High School. It is expensive to raise kids out here in Los Angeles. Rent is 1800-3000 for a decent place in a decent area and is that probably is a two bedroom.

  3. I recommend that you consider Eagle Rock (90041). Schools are supposed to be good, housing prices are lower than Silver Lake or Los Feliz, and it’s quite safe. Feel free to e-mail me at jgoldfarb3@roadrunner.com if you’d like.

  4. As a Realtor specializing in the Eastside, I would definitely recommend Eagle Rock for a family moving here from out of town for the overall quality of life. La Canada and South Pasadena are higher priced areas with highly rated schools.

  5. Are you looking for somewhere more like Baltimore City or the County? Of any East Coast city, I’ve found downtown LA to have a lot of similarities with downtown Baltimore- much more so than with the other East Coast cities. Beautiful old buildings, one-way streets, a *lot* of grit, and just starting to make a comeback. The only thing missing is the rowhomes and the formstone 🙂

    I don’t know much about the schools, so I defer to the other commenters who are going to give much better advice than I. I’m guessing that the schools around downtown are probably some of the worst- if there’s even any there. Still, if you wind up here and want a slice of Bmore, head downtown!

  6. I almost forgot- the Downtown LA Art Walk is pretty much exactly like Artscape in Baltimore…except that it happens once a month instead of once a year. Win!

  7. Burbank is just the other side of Griffith Park from Los Feliz/Silverlake. The schools there are very good, and housing is a little bit cheaper.

  8. Los Angeles has many great communities, depending on what you are looking for. Schools- LAUSD, for all its issues, has a lot of great schools with opportunities for all types of kids. I would suggest, once you decided what kind of community you want to live in (Urban like out Downtown, of rural like Altadena, visit the schools websites and contact parents who are currently at that school. I have a lot of experience with LAUSD and schools in the Echo Park, Hollywood, Silver Lake, Altadena and surrounding communities and would be happy to answer questions once you pick a community. dorit@earthlink.net
    Good Luck and you will LOVE LA winters

  9. I was born and raised in Silverlake, and I attended both private and public schools in the area. Unless you are willing to pay a lot for a really great private school they really aren’t worth it. The middle range priced school are just OK are you are better off looking for a charter school or decent public school. I attended Marshall High School and went on to a 4 year university- your kids probably have a good foundation and that’s what’s important. Eagle Rock, Pasadena, Burbank, Glendale, Atwater, La Crescenta, La Canada, the Larchmont area & Culver City are all good options (for living). You’ll find that LA has a lot of nice pockets and that regardless of the school district, each school will be different based upon the teaching staff, parent and student population. Parents play a big role in improving the schools out here. Good Luck!

  10. The LA area is rough for middle-class families, as it combines expensive housing with often very problematic public schools. Certain schools in LAUSD are good, but you need to really learn the ropes. I agree with a couple posters above: Eagle Rock is great, has a quite good high school, and is reasonably affordable (or at least, more so than Los Feliz or Silverlake). I live in Pasadena, but unfortunately, most PUSD schools are not very good. South Pas has good schools but has become quite pricey.

  11. I recommend taking a good look at Altadena. It’s a pretty hillside community with a rustic, rural feel — and yet it’s a hop skip jump to Los Angeles. Very nice for kids; I raised mine there. But all of the places Dorit mentioned are very family-friendly, too. I’m heavily prejudiced in favor of the East side and Altadena/Pasadena, as opposed to Larchmont and Culver City. I think you can find more neighborhoods over here that are both safe and affordable. Plus, we have Griffith Park!! And so much good food!! Keep us posted.

  12. I’d recommend Alhambra. Good schools, the city borders LA proper it is closer than pasadena/altadena, suburban community, very diverse, 15 minutes from downtown (depending on traffic of course), and the homes are less expensive.

  13. Thank you for all of your comments. We have contacted a realtor and are using Greatschools.com for references. Myself and my family will be taking each of your comments into consideration. In reference to questions of where we live currently, we are in the suburbs of Baltimore and only an hour from DC so urban visits are frequent and enjoyable. A reasonable drive to the beach is a plus, too.

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