News & Notes from Eagle Rock, Echo Park, Mt. Washington & Silver Lake

Ciro’s Restaurant | Boyle Heights | Photo by Lady Ducayne/Flickr

  • Silver Lake’s Walking Man was under criminal investigation when he died. L.A. Times
  • City Council adjourns in memory of Silver Lake Walking Man. L.A. Weekly
  • City Council agrees to finance Silver Lake affordable housing project. The Eastider
  • Fire scorches Elysian Park. The Eastsider
  • Rustic, Polish-style home up for sale in Mount Washington. Curbed LA
  • The history of Echo Park’s most famous feline. Echo Park Now
  • What’s with all the LAPD choppers over Eagle Rock? NELA List
  • Echo Park drag strip. Echo Elysian Forum
  • Bike fall leaves Mayor Villaraigosa’s elbow broken in eight places. L.A. Now
  • Happening Today: L.A. River clean up,  Silver Lake Meadow meeting, Casita Verde fundraiser.  Calendar Listings


  1. Re the Echo Park drag strip item, if you have nothing more than that item to link to, you are spreading rumor — quite unprofessional. I don’t know what it is all about, but some isolated person yelling “drag strip” is hardly enough to justify you publishing it.

    Drag strip is a VERY loaded term. I would not be surprised is various people think it OK to drive somewhat faster late at night when no one is around. But drag strip suggests a LOT, LOT more than that.

    If there is more than that going on, fine, but get more than just some isolated person’s yelling. If lots of people have been claiming that is going on, or there is police action on ticketing, or SOMETHING. But don’t just spread something that can’t be established as anything more than just some hyped up rumor! And don’t be using loaded terms, such as drag strip, if it is just some speeding late at night as you will find on most streets all around town.

  2. i’ve never heard anyone yell drag strip, BUT I have called the cops a bunch of times when people are drag racing on EP ave. there are no tickets given out as this happens late at night, and by the time the cops get here, the people are gone. this concerns me as I have kids.

    here’s a loaded term for you: “selfish idiots driving too fast and endangering everyone around them make me sick.”

  3. Well: Well, now, your’s is already a better report as adding to establishing the speeding as a reality. And you don’t hype it into a “drag strip,” instead complaining about people speeding down there, and apparently some significant speeds.

    Yes, selfish idiots — presuming, as you certainly seem to be saying, that it is speeding fast enough to be a potential hazard. (Still, I must say, after making a good report, you undermined it by raising the standard “children” offense. If your kids are running around the streets that late at night, then maybe the speeding drivers’ aren’t the only irresponsible ones who should be cracked down on. “Children” is not a legitimate offense on this matter.)

    But back to my original point. I was not saying it should not be reported, just that some sort of proper professional standards be in place before publishing something, which is what the link serves to do, publish it as legitimate news; that was not the case for “publishing” this one person complaining about a drag strip without any kind of confirmation from anyone.

  4. it’s not that my children are wandering around at night (they’re not even in school yet); but the wife and I drive around at night; don’t want to have the kids end up orphans.

    yes, it’s a tired argument (“children”), but you’d be surprised how differently you look at things once you have them.

  5. @Bill – As newsy + factual as Eastsider gets, this is still a neighborhood blog. pretty sure there are no professional standards for blogs (yet anyways…)

  6. Aldo Thee Apache

    Wow I can’t believe someone is actually being an apologist for driving like a selfish asshole.
    And it’s not only children who get killed, it’s adults. I know, I lost two friends in two separate incidents to pricks like yourself. Sorry if it harshes your little joyride if somebody wants to report about it.

  7. Re: Silver Lake’s Walking Man Under Criminal Investigation

    Just finished watching Hot Tub Time Machine.

  8. “Drag strip” is a loaded term?

  9. Echo Elysian Forum is not a blog, it is a community forum (a Yahoo group) and if a person read beyond the initial post that was linked, they would find other members of the community adding their comments and experiences. These are not random people who suddenly decide to bad-mouth one or two people who did something they didn’t approve of, these are residents who are concerned with the safety and well-being of their community. I don’t live in that area, the local Yahoo group for me is the NELAlist, but I read the EEF because many of their concerns could be mirrored here in our area.
    A blog, whether large or small, usually has a certain perspective, outlook on things. The forms I’ve spoken of have no set direction, only that of helping the community listen to, reply to, help out and mobilise themselves.
    I for one read the eastsiderla and appreciate when they link to one of the forums. Maybe someone in Echo Park/Eagle Rock/Highland Park/etc. didn’t KNOW there was a forum that voices local concerns.
    thanks eastsider for all you do,

  10. I wasn’t talking about Echo-Elysian forum posting it. Yes, of course, that is just a forum. I’m talking about publishing and headlining an isolated, unchecked forum posting on a news site like Eastsider as news without any looking into it at all, copying any old rumor unchecked and passing it on. That is very unprofessional.

    Use it as a tip, if you want, to check into a do something on it, fine. But to just pick up such and spread it is a real good way to be spreading rumors.

    If you check, and there is something to it as a story, go with it. I didn’t say not to run the story, I said to check and see if it even is a story, rather than rumor.

    Yes, drag strip is a VERY loaded word. They actually use to have that down on Stadium Way. Drag strip is when they are really racing, you know like 70-80-90 mph. If that is what is going on on Echo Park Ave., then that is a story, get the story and report it. But you never checked, just passed it along on a site being presented as legitimate news. It might have been something going on to put up, and it might have been one fool making noise about nothing.

    An isolated care every once in a while going 45-50, even a bit more on Echo Park Avenue is not a drag strip and a professional news site would never say such.

    If there is really something going on, get the story and post it. If not, don’t be spreading rumors.

  11. looked up “drag strip” on the urban dictionary and found this:

    “Quite popular affair in San Francisco and New York in which a drag queen (male who dresses as a woman) takes off his clothes in the art of erotic dance, for money or other means of payment such as homosexual acts.
    Otto was able to pay off his college expenses by drag stripping on the weekends.

    Lance duped his friend’s, who like fast cars and racing, into going to the drag strip last friday night.”

  12. You splitting them fine here, Bill. They’re kids (and I would assume young adults) dragging all over EP — see donuts on Stadium Way at Barlow, down from stadium near Reserve Bldg. 45- 50? Nah, pump that up — and roaring up EP Bl. where housing is dense. I hear them clearly from my place up on Sargent Court, and wait for a horrible squeal and crunch. It’ll happen someday.

    Drag strip, schmag strip.

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