Police investigating possible suicide at Silver Lake Recreation Center

A body of a man was found at about 7 A.M. today on a grassy area next to the Silver Lake Recreation Center. “It appears to be a suicide – does not appear to be a homicide,” said Lt. Steven Flores with the Northeast Division. The identity, race and age of the victim remains unknown at this time.


  1. Is suicide becoming epidemic in Silver Lake? Marc Abrams (likely a suicide, not confirmed) a few blocks from here.

  2. The Folded Man…It’s very sad and quite disturbing..as I was walking past the scene..8:45 AM..the police had taped off area, but they hadn’t yet screened off the body from visibility..
    the person appeared to be facing the reservoir cross legged folded over , btl of water next to him..

  3. holy crap ! I drove by there around 830 AM and i saw what you are talking about Heidi but i thought it was like a brown duffle bag !!!!!!

    GEEZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. @nirad: no it’s not.

  5. NIRAD — it’s been confirmed now. 🙁

  6. Hey Jen,
    Yea, it’s sad… I thought that too (duffel bag) I thought maybe it was a bomb or something like that , boy I was wrong…
    to bad about the Doc.. Ever since I moved here in ’96 he been a constant figure in SL..
    RIP walking Doc and (no disrespect ) RIP SL-FM ..whoever u r..

  7. Perhaps some poor adict deprived of his doctors care.

  8. @parabanger. I saw him before the coroner got there as did many many others who were out walking. Have some respect! Someone died, regardless of how, they died quite publicly. To make a joke, no matter how ironic you think you are being is quite simply in poor taste.

  9. No more news on this one? I was searching the web for stories on this but I merely got stories on Dr. Abrams.

  10. I was there a couple of minutes after the body was discovered by a gentleman that walks there everyday. He was the one that upon discovering no pulse, called the police. According to another person that was next to the body, the person apparently had his head in a plastic bag, and there were “poppers” there as well. Once police arrived, I guess they initially called it a suicide. I wonder if perhaps it was more accidental. Whatever the case, it’s very tragic and sad. I think it was very nice of whoever placed the roses there for this person.

  11. No more news on this one? It never made the LA Times. Do we know the victim’s ID?

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