Police arrest alleged Mongols biker gang member in Echo Park nightclub shooting *

An alleged member of the Mongols biker gang was arrested this morning in connection with the June 21 shooting outside The Echo nightclub that left three people injured.  Police believe the suspect – Jose Luis Sanchez, 25, of Los Angeles – intended to shoot a member of the rival Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang who was  inside the Sunset Boulevard nightspot, said Lt. Wes Buhrmester with the LAPD Rampart Division. None of the three shooting victims, however,  were associated with either the suspected shooter or the member of the Hell’s Angels, police said.

Sanchez arrested without incident in the Hollebeck Division – which includes Boyle Heights, El Sereno, Lincoln Heights and Montecito Heights – after police obtained a search and arrest warrant, Buhrmester said.  “Evidence consistent with that at the crime scene was found, as well as numerous firearms,” he said.

Early witness and police reports said the gunman – who was said to have been wearing a black helmet, clothing and boots – fired 8 to 10 rounds from a semi-automatic pistol into the crowd  leaving the Sunset Boulevard nightclub at about 2:10 AM. There was some reports that the gunman fire while sitting on a motorcycle but police later said they were still trying to confirm details of the shooting.

Buhrmester noted that The Echo – a popular music venue featuring indie bands – is not known as a biker gang hangout. It’s not clear why a member of the Hell’s Angels was at the club but someone was able to inform Sanchez that a gang rival was at The Echo that night, Buhrmester said.

Update: The post has been updated with with new information about the suspect.


  1. This is great news and hopefully its the right guy. The Echo and its patrons certainly do not deserve this kind of anxiety brought on by this senseless act of violence. Plus, one of the shooting victims is still in pretty rough shape. This puts some faith back in me torwards our police dept.

  2. Lt. Wes Buhrmester, Rampart Patrol Division

    Regarding the suspect who is to be booked for this shooting, his name cannot be released until after he is booked, however I can divulge a few more details. Following the shooting, our gang unit was told that a Hell’s Angel motorcycle gang member was inside the Echo. The subject’s appearance there was a coincidence, as the Echo is not known as any type of haven for motorcycle gangs or similar. Friends of the suspect somehow found out, and notified him.

    The suspect, a member of a rival gang, responded to the Echo and carried out the shooting. The victims who were hit were not affiliated with the suspect or the victim, to our knowledge. Through interviews with witnesses and the victims, a suspect was identified. Based upon that information, a search and arrest warrant was obtained, and those warrants were served early this morning, without incident, in Hollenbeck Division. Evidence consistent with that at the crime scene was found, as well as numerous firearms.

    I will update this entry with information as it becomes available. If anyone has further information, they can contact our Gang Unit at (213) 484-3660.

    (2130 484-3400

  3. Great news, and thanks for the update Lt. Buhrmester. If this is indeed the guy, I hope they throw the book at him.

  4. what’s with the police calling themselves a gang? i mean… good work, but…

  5. It was a member of the Mongols. Nice shooting genius.

  6. The local Mongols have always had trouble with the Angels. Wonder how he was tipped off and why was he so pissed?


  7. Lt. Wes Buhrmester, Rampart Patrol Division

    The suspect is Jose Luis Sanchez, 25, of Los Angeles. He is a suspected Mongols gang member, and the motive is believed to be his intent to shoot the Hell’s Angel at the club.

  8. People have to be educated Echo Park has a history that is notorious for gangs,shootings,muggings,break in, gang initiations hits etc…..come this is EXP territory surrounding Temple street gang,Diamond street gang,Osiri Boys,Alpine gang,thee rascals,playboys,white fence etc not to mention the history of the Rampart Police Department that cover all of these area!… and many many more from just a few miles of echo park. Things like this will keep happening inocent people get hurt.

  9. And police are innocent?? I would say not. More cops have been busted for all sorts of crimes then motorcycle CLUB members. Quit assuming things because you cops want to label bikers. Oh, and eat a doughnut.

  10. ^^^^^^ I gotta agree with john regardless of his race the guy knows what he’s talking about!!!!! High five to john!!!! Coming from a 26 year resident in the area!

  11. tom bernstein, you are living in a fantasy. i think you watched “mi vida loca” too many times. the neighborhood has only been that way since the 70’s, and now it’s changing again. maybe you’re afraid you’ll lose some street cred if people find out that Echo Park is just another neighborhood. I have lived her for a really long time and raise children here; it’s not how you portray it.

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