Silver Lake egg toss hits close to home

A Silver Lake resident named Ron who lives near Lucile Avenue and Effie Street has been experiencing what he calls “egg troubles” as neighborhood cars and now his home have been egged. He wants to know if others have been dealing with the same gooey mess:

“It started with my car and a few others in my quiet neighborhood in Silverlake  and than about 11:00pm last night someone … chucked two eggs at our window [pictured above]. This is starting to get messy. Know of any good window cleaning services?”


  1. Same thing happened to our Atwater home in the middle of the day in May. We fortunately discovered it shortly after it happened and were able to hose it down. What punks!

  2. This has been going on in the Rotary/Dillon/Redesdale area of Silver Lake for weeks. My house got hit 2 weeks ago, but I know people in the hills east of SLB that have been hit. Big uptick in car break-ins too. Never had problems like this before this year…

  3. Sounds like some chickens have gone rogue.

  4. My car was egged, too, near Griffith Park Blvd.

  5. I thought it was odd that my truck got egged two weeks ago during the night. Ivanhoe Dr seemed so unlikely for an attack.

  6. Eggs can be very nasty to remove from painted surfaces and may very well deface a car’s paintjob permanently.

    I would remove the eggs as soon as possible.

    Glass I reckon you can scrape with a razor when dry.

  7. I tossed many an egg in my day. All fun and games until you’re the one on the receiving end.

  8. Maybe I’m a fuddy duddy but I’m growing a little concerned about Echo Park. I’ve seen an explosion of graffiti, repeatedly heard about more break-ins, and the multiple shootings on Sunset aren’t a good sign. Is our hood taking a turn for the worse?

  9. Only if you let it. People are way more concerned about offended people rather than concerned about crime. Organize block parties in support of the police. Sell burgers and donate the money to causes that focus on crime prevention. Own your neighborhood, take pride in it, and don’t be concerned with seeming like a yuppie because you don’t want your property vandalized by losers and societal drop-outs.

  10. D. Torres of Silver Lake

    About a year ago someone targeted my truck and home for eggs. At first I thought it was a once-off thing but it continued for a couple of weeks until it stopped all together. The last incident was last October when a huge pumpkin came flying into the side of our house after it had hit our rose bushes. I don’t know what the answer is in this situation since I ran out and was not able to see any culprits.

    D. Torres

  11. my house in occidental blvd. was hit 3 times and we are starting to get tired about this nonsense… Has anyone seen this guy? Is there only one as I read somewhere? We were targeted on wednesday and thursday nights, not sure if this is a clue to anything, but would be curious to find out if other people were hit tonight.

  12. There have been at least eleven instances of eggs being thrown at picture windows in the Effie / Dillon / Rotary area of Silverlake. Two homes (that I’m aware of) in this area were hit again last night. An eyewitness to one recent instance reported seeing eggs being tossed from a white, four door Lexus RX-300 with a sunroof and a roof rack. There was also video taken recently of a very similar vehicle throwing eggs at a home. The video shows that there were two people in the car and that the passenger was the one tossing the eggs. This video has been sent to the LAPD. The eggings in this area seem to happen between midnight and 1:30AM on Thursday nights through Sunday nights. If anyone has any info about these guys, please contact:

    Senior Lead Officer Al Polehonki 22869
    (213) 793-0763
    LAPD Northeast
    3353 San Fernando Rd.
    Los Angeles, Ca. 90065

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