Who says Debs Park is part of Montecito Heights?

The Eastsider on Monday published a photo taken in Debs Park and said it was located in Montecito Heights. Anthony Manzano, vice president of the  LA-32 Neighborhood Council Vice-President, disagrees. He says Debs Park should be described as being located in Rose Hill – an old neighborhood name:

I am passing along 2 pictures I have picked up from the archives showing that Debs Park is actually in the community of Rose Hill. You will see an arial photo with Mercury, Monterey RD. and Boundary which are all in the community of Rose Hills. In the photo it gives a location site titled …  “Ground Breaking Site”  on Monterey Road. I am also including a photo of the Ceremony on Monterey Road with a former council member and county supervisor Ernest Debs himself with a shovel in their hands during the Ground Breaking, claiming the park as   “Rose Hill Regional Park”.

Although the park may have a new name to recognize Mr. Debs, it still lies within the same community as dipicted, Rose Hills. Many will attempt to contest this information, but the photo is proof of the History. If you would care for more archives, just reach me.

Photos courtesy Anthony Manzano


  1. Anthony, where did you get this photo from? It looks like you took a picture of a picture? Can you tell me where the picture is located?

    Great shot!!!


    Good Day East Sider, the weekend is here. I am going to give you a little information on the photo above. For about five years I have been doing research on the community of Rose Hills, as a resident and representative of the community. I am also seeking additional community signs from the City for accuracy of the archives I have found. That actual picture comes from a news paper clipping from the time and period of the ceremony, where several honorable representatives acknowledge the ground breaking of a new park. I would say the photo may be around the late 1950’s or early 1960’s.

    Rose Hills Review,
    Anthony Manzano

  3. Montcito Heights Resident

    Debs Park is definitely part of Montecito Heights. We have direct access to the park from several of our hillside streets. It is literally our backyard.

  4. i live in montecito heights on montecito drive at the bottom of the hill – cross street is griffin and i literally walk out my front door and into the park. so ernest debs park is definately in montecito heights. at least my part of the park is!

  5. all you whom claim that debs is in montecito heights is clearly in deniel!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. And it also looks like those you of who are not in ‘deniel’ are clearly in need of spellcheck.

  7. Debs park is located in el sereno. Rose hills is still part of el sereno 90032 zip code.
    Here is there address notice it’s zip code.
    4235 Monterey Rd
    Los Angeles, CA 90032

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