Work to finally begin on Silver Lake Meadow

Construction of the Silver Lake Meadow –  six acres of parkland on the east side of the Silver Lake reservoirs – was supposed to have been completed two years ago.  The city delayed the project – which  was opposed by many Silver Lake residents who feared it would attract too much traffic, trash and outsiders – after state funds needed to design and construction the meadow were frozen. But those issues were resolved and construction is scheduled to get underway by next month and the work completed early next year, said Yusef Robb, a spokesman for Councilman Eric Garcetti.

Work will include  grading, the installation of  benches, pathways, irrigation systems and a four-foot high fence separating the park from the walking path that loops around the reservoirs, Yusef said via email. The park, which will be landscaped with native plants, is scheduled to be open from sunrise to sunset.


  1. Hooray! It’s about time!

  2. Wildlife experts have stated that any construction should not begin until September, because the animals that are living inside that meadow area will be diturbed and the adult animals will disperse into the neighborhood,but the young animals are not mature enough to leave or fend for themselves and will starve to death. This would be cruel and inhumane to let happen for a project that certainly can wait another 2 months. Anyone who cares at all about animal welfare should call or email Garcetti’s office to tell him to please wait.

  3. Cool.

    Did they ever decide if they were going to put bathrooms there?
    I seem to recall that those weren’t in the original plans.

  4. Yea, another dog park.

  5. I live across the street. I hope this doesn’t destroy what urban wildlife we have left.

  6. It will definitely be detrimental to wildlife. It’s taking away half the acreage. It’s a shame that residents were more worried about trash. It seems to me the wildlife is what makes this area so beautiful.

  7. Adding native plants will in the long term add to wildlife, even if there’s paths, so no need to showboat your altruism for the animals here.

  8. Despite your attempt to chill the discourse, I hope you know what you’re talking about billy.

  9. Billy is silly

  10. I’m anxious to see what will happen to the lake if and when it’s no longer a source of drinking water. Everyone in the pool!

  11. Native plants, if installed correctly in this park, will contribute far far more to the food chain, and therefore the wildlife, than the grassy crap that’s already there. Bee specific flowers, specific hosts plants for butterflies & moths are incredible draws & foundations for wildlife that will ultimately be of more benefit to all animals in the area.

    While is easy to be concerned with the anthropomorphic animals that you see while listening to the Decemberists on your 400gig ipod walking by on your way to vegan pilates on a path by a 40mph road, the bottom line is, it’d be better if they lived in Griffith Park, away from our trash cans, and this area contribute to the wildlife in a much more substantial way.

  12. People in Silverake complaining about a new park.
    Look out, SanFran, there’s a new candidate for the NIMBY award.

  13. Calling people NIMBY’s takes the least amount of brain power. Rather conduct an intelligent conversation about the issue.

  14. Do as I say, not as I do much Silvia?

  15. Meadow??? Hahahahahahaha. Have any of you actually seen a meadow?

  16. Up until he starts his own showboating, billy seems to have a logical and reasonable (yet so far, unverifiable) explanation of the benefits. Is there a counter-argument out there?

  17. Silverlake Walker

    I hope Dog people pick up after their Dogs Poop- Dog Poop sux when your walking Silverlake…

    Pick Up After Your Dogs -Dog Owners!!!

  18. Oh the intellect of the westside has graced us with its presence. The boutiques, a dog park, seven dollar cups of coffee, ridiculous rents, snooty hipsterdom, white bread moralities, baby stores for the constant yuppified breeders, goofball chic restaurants that only the yuppified breeders can afford, the lack of true artists due to being priced out of the yuppies playground, the Garage becoming the Little Temple on Santa Monica, permit parking around Spaceland-shhh! don’t make any noise, a goofball spa, (right across the street may I add) its sickening. The only thing that has a snowballs chance in hell in saving this neighborhood is crime. Yuppies tend to scatter when that five letter word comes into play.

    Meadow my ass-don’t worry dear yuppies the animals will be fine..sheezus. WE NEED MORE OUTDOOR SPACE THAT ISN’T A DISEASE RIDDEN DOG PARK! Do you people ever think about what you and you’re animal are breathing in? I know its a groovy little pick-up place for those of you who have no life, but give me a break.

    Nimby Pimby, Nimby Pimby, Nimby Pimby. Its enough to make this native Angeleno and eastsider laugh even more hysterically at you’re ridiculous stances on things.

    Compliments from a local..

  19. I just moved right across the street, and I couldn’t be happier about the addition of more open public space–something that’s sorely lacking in this city.

  20. For what it’s worth, I agree with the sentiment that they should do something right before they try to do anything else. The dog park is a disgrace almost on a national level; a friend from Baltimore moved here and said, “I wouldn’t let a rat in there.” The new path is already overridden with weeds on the north slope and hopelessly diseased redwoods on the West Silver Lake curve. Now they won’t build the walkway on Tesla because the NEIGHBORS complained. Oh, and did I mention the reservoir itself was taken offline because it produced a carcinogen, and now we’re supposed to love the black balls? Nothing has gone right here except for the occasional ribbon-cuttings. I think it’s time to consider scrapping all plans and starting over.

  21. The reservoir is not off line yet. That is why the black balls are there. But, yes all this new developement around the reservoir has been rammed through without totally vetting all the details. No place to cross to get to the new “meadow park”. No parking. alot of details have been pushed aside just to get this done. Also Garcetti’s office has done a bad job of outreach to the community. People who live directly across the street from the Reservoir haven’t been notified as to what the project will be.

  22. Aldo Thee Apache

    Oh Mac
    Silverlake sounds so very awful! You should move further east to someplace that’s tastefully covered in graffiti and has plenty of nice places for your kids to get shot at.
    Not here where people are like totally forcing you to drink that 7 dollar cup of coffee, right?

  23. Yeah Aldo, no one ever gets shot in Silverlake, it’s all East of there, where Silverlake’s Gardeners and Nannies live and where there are no newly planted meadows that kill “what’s left of the urban wildlife”.

  24. Silvia, there’s a map of what the project will be like posted on this page. We really don’t need to spend the money for Mr. Garcetti to send you a star studded VIP pass to approve plans that are publicly available.

    Save the lofty complaints do some googling.

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