Monthly Archives: August 2010

Around The Eastsider

News and items from other parts of the blog. Updated during the day. Can Silver Lake flippers still turn a profit as the real estate ... Read More »

East L.A. remembers the Chicano Moratorium

A contingent of Brown Berets were part of a procession this morning down Whittier Boulevard in East Los Angeles to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Chicano Moratorium, a series of Vietnam-era civil rights and anti-war demonstrations that ended in violence, including the death of L.A. Times journalist Ruben Salazar in the former Silver Dollar bar in East Los Angeles. Read More »

Shopper & Diner Report

Twinkle Toes Dance Co. has branched out from the Valley with Ballet for Kids (pictured above) classes in the 1st Defense space in Highland Park. ... Read More »