A trash-filled Echo Park eyesore gets cleaned up. Now what?

A crew from the Los Angeles Conservation Corps spent several hours on Saturday morning cleaning up the site of a former Echo Park gas station at Glendale Boulevard and Montana Street.  A team of 28 adults and youths filled 65 bags with  trash and also collected  a mattress, couch and portions of a dresser, reports Ida Talalla of the Echo Park Trash Abatement Project, which requested the clean up.  A total of 1, 760 pounds of trash was collected from the triangular lot. What’s next for this 5,700-square-foot parcel?

In 2007, Council District 13 proposed the city purchase the land for  “a public space similar to the Triangle Park in Silver Lake.”  But there is no record of the city ever purchasing that parcel.  Meanwhile, a resident who lives nearby said she heard that Lake Shore Avenue, which runs along the eastern boundary of the lot, might be turned into a one-way street and the parcel developed for stores. The Eastsider has contacted Council District 13 about the most recent plans for what is now a tidy but empty lot.

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  1. pocket park.

  2. Better yet, community garden.

  3. Thank you LA Conservation Corps! The neighbors appreciate your effort!

    And I agree, some green would be welcome on this desolate stretch.

  4. I have had an idea for that space for quite some time. Basically the idea is to build a community center for music and recording arts for kids! Anybody know who I could contact about pursuing this?

  5. I live across the street and my landlord copied me on the building plans currently under review by the city. It’s retail. Unfortunately not a green space, but improvement nonetheless.

  6. no community center!! not the right spot for it. something green or a nice little store of some sorts, or a restaurant

  7. Yay! I live behind that KFC/Taco Bell hybrid on Lake Shore and would LOVE to see a park or a garden!! That would be sooo lovely!

  8. Its a decent sized space. Perhaps it can be split between a community garden and a community pocket park?

  9. Might not be good for a community garden, seeing as it used to be a gas station, probably some bad stuff in the soil ….

  10. putting green!!

    therre’s supposed to be a coffee shop going in. not sure it’s the best thing, but it’s better than a bum bathroom / trash dump

  11. Congrats and many thanks to Ms. Talalla and the L. A. Conservation Corps. I also agree that a pocket park would be nice.

  12. I drive by this spot every day. Thanks to all who participated in this clean up. It looks great. A special thanks to Ms. Talalla for working with L.A. Conservation Corps to make this happen. This would be a great spot for some green space or garden.


  14. See Ida I told you, you didnt need the neighborhood council to be active in ur community. I bet your more busy now than when you where a boardmember of that TOXIC NC and the COUPLE NAMED BACA-SIGALA. Kudos to your success.
    What ever happened to the Senior Citizen Center in the so called Echo park/Silverlake Plan????

  15. retail with parking i think. I mean.. i heart gardens and community centers.. honest.. but thats not a safe place for kids at all.. too much traffic.. so the whole point of a garden or center would be lost. I just hope it’s not a friggin’ TacoBell/PizzaHut.. and I hope the McD’s, KFC and Dominos all move away too.. barf.

    It’d be nice to see a BAKERY go in there. We have enough coffee and restaurants and etc.. i want to WALK to some baguettes y’all! Who’s with me?

    …. yeah sooooo.. prolly a Taco Bell.. w/e..

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