Boyle Heights residents crash rave party

EGP News reports that a small but determined group of Boyle Heights residents have shut down a popular weekly rave party in a  Clarence Street warehouse that flooded the neighborhood with noise and scantily-clad party goers. One woman told EGP:

“They don’t dress like this where they live,” the woman said. “Their parents don’t know where they are. “ I like music,” she added. “But this to me is just noise. You don’t hear any music. All you can hear is boom-boom-boom.”

With the Clarence Street rave party shut down, residents said they were going after other noisy venues.


  1. Is that where that party was. I always wondered which warehouse it was in as I live nearby. Never really bothered me however. I suppose that is because in my youth I attended similar gatherings.

  2. Good ! …. Nothing But Hell Holes Those So Called Rave Parties …..

  3. you’re joking, right?

  4. Of course its just going to sound like “Boom boom boom” from the outside. Bass waves have a longer range than than treble. Treble waves don’t make it outside the warehouse doors. You’re not really hearing the music, only the lowest frequencies of the music. That’s always going to sound like garbage.

  5. these parents most likely never had a fun chilhood and very likely they are church parents ——ive had nothing but problems in my life with these latin mothers who have been in this country for many years and refuse to learn english or to be positive thinkers……church people are haters…………………ive seen it with my own eyes

  6. Good. Those hipsters can go back to their own neighborhood. Why don’t they have these parties in their own hoods? Oh yeah, because someone will call the cops in 2 minutes once the music gets too loud.

    They were creating trash all over the neighborhood with their dumb flyers anyways.

  7. “They were creating trash all over the neighborhood with their dumb flyers anyways.”

    It’s spelled fliers. The big red line under the word means you can’t spell.
    Looked pretty clean after events to me. I hear the neighborhood tried to blame them for the condoms that the homeless and prostitutes leave laying around, beer bottles that are there every day after the warehouses close down and the rats and roaches that even a blind man would know are caused by an overall filth in the area. I looked up the address and the city doesn’t even provide street sweeping in front of their business. Now, Im sure they were doing a good job. It was clean for blocks around the place after events and I’ve seen their staff doing it by hand. Gross. Inside was super clean and they always brought in new clean bathrooms for every event. Thats the only way to go.

    “Good. Those hipsters can go back to their own neighborhood. Why don’t they have these parties in their own hoods?”

    A. They don’t call their home a “hood” and they don’t claim areas. There is no need. We’re not that desperate or cavemen.
    B. Funny , I think their “hood” is Los Angeles and if you are so dumb still in 2010 that you are behaving as racist and ignorant, territorial beings then your lack of tolerance surely won’t get your community ANY respect. Oh, wait…what do they need respect for? Their just here to suck money out of the system and reclaim a land that has been developed by taxpayers. Since so many people in your community don’t even pay taxes then… how can you be a constituent? Its been proven that with our city in the hands current “leadership” that has somehow taken control we will FAIL considering that they are robbing us blind. Unless of course it is true that the only reason we are bankrupt in LA is because we are filtering so much money back in to Mexico so that we can continue to support more illegal immigration in to our Southern States. Hmmm.

    You can operate any business you want as long as you are doing it legally and have not committed any other crimes. And you can choose to host it anywhere in the world that you want too. Unfortunately the intolerant people of Boyle Heights don’t realize that their kids are yearning for this. In that “hood” they choose guns or dancing. And with the way their parents and siblings behave..they will likely choose guns.




    Boyle Heights has proven to be an angry, intolerant, aggressive, resistant, territorial, hot tempered and unwilling to change any time soon community. And they just proved that they will lie, threaten and create violence for someone else just to get their way. Once again, congratulations…It’s not about race anymore. It’s far too late for that. Now it’s about building enough jails to hold the hoodlums that you’ve raised.

    Obviously in turn if we should stay in our own “hoods” I can only assume that they will stay in theirs. You can have East L.A. and we’ll take the rest. We can focus the police force there and just start treating everyone like animals. Sounds good to me. We’ll also take all those jobs back and subsidized housing that we’re paying for with our big evil businesses. I think there is also an outstanding debt for medical care and WIC deserved. Limited to the jobs that your community creates, Boyle Heights would be left with nothing. The commercial properties are empty and your City Council keeps spending to beautify and support your efforts to run “outsiders” out of the area. Gentrification is coming folks and elections are coming up.

    Congratulations Boyle Heights. You just taught your kids how to run a mob and they already have access to the weapons in your closet.

    Here is the real Boyle Heights. This is how they grow up, how they treat others and how they will continue to behave until someone else steps in. A culture that glorifies gang violence definitely should not be tolerated this day in age.


    I will continue to stand by the management of this buisiness who apparently did nothing illegal and didn’t allow anything illegal to occur but, business was shut down any way because of all the “white-outsider” taxpayers that were attending these events. No matter how scantily clad they may have been dressed…we still have separation of Church and State and you can’t tell anyone what to wear so long as they are clothed. Go back to fixing your own kids and stop worrying about ours.


    Let me not forget what I hear the wonderful city does in the event that they need a property under EMINANT DOMAIN…


    Yeah, we’re on to you guys. You just lost jobs for over 200 Los Angeles residents that were working at that location and you’ll be lucky if every last one doesn’t sue for lost wages. Shutting down business so that you don’t have to pay FAIR MARKET VALUE IS NOT RESPECTABLE NOR WILL PEOPLE STAY QUIET ANYMORE!

    By the way…if you want a liquor license in the Boyle Heights area and they fight you by saying you are a nuisance….call BULL SHIT. It’s their MO and its getting tired. They say there are several hundred liquor licenses in their community however, they didn’t bother to acknowledge that they belong to mom and pop liquor stores and grocery markets. They have a very low concentration of entertainment venues and it’s not going to take long for someone’s attorney to stomp all over the opposition to treat East LA like the rest of LA. You tell these mom’s that oppose you to move in to a residential area within a gated community if that’s the kind of safety they want. Maybe they’d have money to build their community up if they let a few businesses open instead of continuing to over saturate their housing. Keep whining about not having the job you want…if you’re going to keep whining about change in the area you live in.
    Check out these clips of BHNC opposing another bar. Its the same argument and the same people that have issues every time. If they fight you, just do some playback on these tapes for them…Time for a new gimmick. Maybe working towards something better instead of fighting everyone else’s desire for you to change into a non violent community would actually work. Get to it!

    By the way the flier that was posted was not from the event that was closed down early. This even happened several months before and no they did NOT allow minors, alcohol or drug use including marijuana. Events were hosted 18 and over and they rarely operated a bar unless they did a special event like Mindshare, Midnight Ridazzz, Airika Audio, Decompression or Record Releases. Those were all 21 and over though. I wasn’t able to go. 200,000 guests over 2 years, no hospital visits and no injuries other than the one accident actually caused by LAPD and the other caused by LAFD. That’s a damn good track record for someone you say is irresponsible.

    This all goes back to the same point…..

  8. are you kidding me

    hey “eastside this”: that is the most long winded, idiotic, racist bunch of trash that I have read in a long time. what is your problem? you sound like Sarah Palin (only less informed). I’m a white guy, and I find you completely embarrassing. I can only hope that your 12 years old. Here’s a tip for you: next time you’re trying to make a point, probably a good idea to cite sources other than youtube and the LA Weekly. On a scale of one to ten, your argument is one big fail.

  9. Long winded or not…it’s the truth. One thing we have a hard time acknowledging here in Los Angeles. And as long as gangs are supported in this town they will continue to kill and violate innocent people. Racism has nothing to do with it. Im not white and live in Los Angeles. So….now what. Is one of us better than the other because of that? I think not. Still don’t get anything subsidized for my family.

  10. To “are you kidding me”

    Please read and spell check what you write so that you do not look like a child. Also, the use of capital letters to start sentences is the correct method of writing. Any adult would know that.

    that your 12 years old the your should be “you are” or “you’re”

    Your statement lacks substance, sure the post was long winded but state where it was idiotic and or racist and then give them a way to improve it.

    Finally, here’s a tip for you, a white guy with a bunny in a dress and a purse for an avatar, are you for real?

  11. I am assuming that you are also known as “eastside this” and you’re attemptig to make it look as if you have a groundswell of support for your “cause.”

    so I spelled “your” wrong. and don’t capitalize the first letter of each sentence on a blog post. sorry. but I still call bullshit on this post. let’s see some unbiased info. not just pissy opinion, and youtube nonsense. want examples of weakness in that argument? here you go:

    “Their just here to suck money out of the system and reclaim a land that has been developed by taxpayers.” – I think eastside this meant to say “they’re.” regardless, it’s a VERY racist statement. want another juvenile piece of argument? here you go:

    “Boyle Heights has proven to be an angry, intolerant, aggressive, resistant, territorial, hot tempered and unwilling to change any time soon community. And they just proved that they will lie, threaten and create violence for someone else just to get their way.”

    a whole community fits that description just because some people complained about a rave? because they don’t want another liquor store in their neighborhood? it’s their neighborhood, they can do what they please if that’s the consensus of the community. have a rave in your own neighborhood if it’s so low impact. get over yourself. you’re just bummed as you couldn’t find a ride to burning man.

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