Coffee-sipping cops come to the rescue of Echo Park 7-Eleven *

The presence of an LAPD squad cars and  two uniformed officers would probably make most people think twice about committing a crime.  But that was no deterrent for Luis Hernandez, who early this morning walked past a squad car in the parking lot of an Echo Park 7-Eleven, entered the store and then ran out with a 12-pack of beer after shoving the clerk to the floor, according to police.  The crime was witnessed by the two officers who were standing near coffee counter in the store at Sunset Boulevard and Rosemont Avenue. Lt. Wes Buhrmester of the Rampart Division provides the details:

“At the 7-Eleven, 2200 W. Sunset Blvd., this morning (8-28-10) at 1:20 a.m., two of our officers were getting coffee.  They were a patrol unit, in uniform with their black and-white parked in front.  Luis Hernandez, 28, Los Angeles, walked in, past them, went to a cooler and removed a 12-pack of beer.  He then walked toward the front of the store and passed an open register.

The clerk asked Hernandez if he was going to pay for the beer, but he continued walking.  The clerk approached him at the door, at which point Hernandez pushed him down and ran out.  The officers chased him for a half-block south on Rosemont St. before detaining him without incident and recovering the beer.  Hernandez *  was subsequently booked for strong-arm robbery.  The shoplift became a robbery when he pushed the store clerk out of the way, thus using force or violence to facilitate the theft.  He also had a no-bail warrant for grand theft.  His state of sobriety was not described in the report.”

* Correction: A previous version of this post identified the suspect, Luis Hernandez, incorrectly as Rodriguez in the fifth reference.

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  1. Inspirational.

  2. the gaul.
    12 pack of beer : $12.
    getting arrested : costs the state several thousand
    sitting in jail for the next 4-6 for robbing a 7-11, all for a 12 pack : priceless

  3. Silver Lake Citizen

    Way to go LAPD!

  4. My guess is he already had a few.

  5. what a frikkin dimwit. did he not see them?

  6. There are always cops at that 7-11, or at least in the parking lot. Seems like the worst place to pick to rob!

  7. Wow, this could be the stupidest criminal in Echo Park; and he’s got a lot of competition.

  8. LMAO wtf was this guy thinking must be one of them stupid annoying drunks that thinks they’re invisible while intoxicated.

  9. Perhaps he is not so stupid. Three hots and a cot in the biggest give-away state in the Union. Beats working or begging.

  10. I thought for a minute it was going to be Leif Garrett.

  11. No. Leif was back at the house waiting for the booze

  12. hoffbrau meister

    What happened to the beer..were all 12 saved and unharmed…

  13. I’ve never not seen a police car in front of that 7-11. You’d have to be an idiot to try to rob or steal there.

  14. @ John: yeah too bad we also have the most expensive and crowded prison system in the US. Taxpayer dollars being drained to keep morons like these locked up for years.

  15. It is so obvious that he wanted to go back in jail where there is a bed to sleep, food to eat, water to shower, tv to watch and so on. Such a lazy bump.

  16. Maybe he was trying to get back in the slam.

  17. That guy rules!

  18. NOBODY can see ME!!!!!

  19. He must be awfully thirsty!!!!

  20. So maybe the cops that have been hanging out at the 7-11 everyday for years, flipping through magazines for hours at a time, sometimes 2 or 3 squad cars in the parking lot at a time- maybe they haven’t been just wasting taxpayer money, but have been on a stake out for this major bust.
    go blue.

  21. Too bad the cops weren’t there when that kid was shot right in front of that 7-11 a few weekends ago.

  22. Alcoholism. It makes you do desperate things.

  23. Wait a minute this 7eleven is located at Silver Lake and not Echo Park, why every time something is wrong at Silver Lake is denounced as if it were in Echo Park and if something is good in E.P. then is credited to Silver Lake, hmm.

  24. Hanna — you must be confused. Rosemont and Sunset is definitely Echo Park. it always has been. Describing the 7-11 as being located in Echo Park is just a matter of geographical accuracy and nothing else. Please do not read anything else into it. If somebody told you that neighborhood was in Silverlake I would bet that it was a realtor and that s/he lied to you. They have been known to do that, …

  25. @hanna, I live around the corner and my address is Echo Park.

    But also, the real question:

    “Rodriguez was subsequently booked for strong-arm robbery.”

    Who is Rodriguez? I thought we were talking about Hernandez? Is one spanish name as good as the next?

  26. Lt. Wes Buhrmester, Rampart Patrol Division

    Santi, my error. Mr. Sanchez posted the quote verbatim from my e-mail, and I mixed up the names. There was an involved party named Rodriguez in the report. My fault. The arrestee was in fact surnamed Hernandez.

    (213) 484-3400

  27. @cristi

    youre right about rosemont and sunset being echo park, but where does echo park end and silver lake begin? coronado? hyperion??

  28. zos, I believe that Echo Park begins at Waterloo, which does not go through to Sunset but is between Rosemont and Coronado.

  29. I thought the line between Echo Park and Silverlake was Benton Way. Friends living on Benton say it is. Isn’t that where the zip code dividing line is?

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