Cookbook opens a new chapter in Echo Park food shopping

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Shopping for food and drink on Echo Park Avenue has often meant stopping by a string of tienditas and liquor stores  jammed with everything from milk and beer to light bulbs and the occasional onion or tomatillo. Starting today, however, Echo Park Avenue will also become a destination for neighborhood foodies and fans of farm-fresh produce and seasonal dishes with the opening of Cookbook.  Cookbook owner, Marta Teegen, a chef, gardener and author, said the store in the 1500 block of Echo Park Avenue will be open from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. seven days a week.  Farm-fresh produce will be the star of the store but Cookbook will also sell prepared meals and foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner based on a rotating menu inspired by cookbooks – which are also on sale. “The whole point is that we are selling ingredients,” said Teegen during an informal opening and food tasting on Monday.

But can Echo Park – which ended up with a discount Save A Lot market a few years ago instead of a Trader Joe’s  – support a high-end greengrocer and gourmet food shop?   Teegen is betting that there are many other neighborhood residents like her who don’t want to go very far for organic beets and herbs, artisanal cheeses, prosciutto and locally made soy milk.  “We were desperate for something like this.”

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  1. i live up the street from here! so excited. sounds like exactly what is needed in this area. i hope others agree. i’ll have to stop by this weekend. i hope they have maybe a small selection of flowers too! would be perfect to stop by on the way to a dinner party.

  2. It’s a bit of a hike for me, but it looks like exactly the sort of thing I’ve been looking for. I’ve never been able to make it to any of the farmer’s markets or farm-fresh events that go on regularly, but Cookbook’s hours make them an ideal destination for my fresh produce needs (which are many). I can’t wait until I can get out there.

  3. This sounds like someplace I’d love to have in the neighborhood. Fresh and healthy prepared foods I can pick up on the way home from work, open until 8pm? Perfect. I’d sure rather spend my money in EP and avoid a trip to Silver Lake.

  4. Totally High Right Now

    Yo. Looks good. Do they take EBT? If so, I am all over that ass.

  5. I’ve been waiting eagerly ever since I heard about Cookbook for it to open – I love Trader Joe’s but that’s a drive I could do without…and I get to support locally.

  6. I’ve seen those tomatoes before. They’re not even red as they supposed to, but like a purple striped green mess. And someone wanted to charge me like $3 for one! No thanks! I’ve found great tomatoes at the 99 cent, and sometimes behind restaurants. They just pile them up out there in the morning. If you’re careful and no one sees you, they’re free! I’ll let the rest of you spend your money on tomatoes while I’M getting the best Christmas display EVER ready with my hard earned coin!

  7. oh hey joan, thanks for telling all of us about how you steal. that’s great. and god forbid a tomato be anything other than a dyed bright red…

    in fact, why don’t you stay away from this market, and make everyone happy?

  8. “Christmas display”? Non sequitur of the day.

    I live up the street and have been anxiously awaiting the opening. Went in this morning for lunch and got some great cheese, a baquette and a tomato that were all fantastic. I’m totally overwhelmed by the quality and value of this neighborhood shop, and the owner and staff are very friendly. I think I am going to challenge myself to cook with ingredients bought here for a week. Anyone else up for it?

  9. Hold them horses Jakey, I would NEVER steal. We all know those tomatoes are out there in the morning for whoever wants them, left over from the night before. And none of the tomatoes I EAT would ever have already dyed. They’re red because they’re STILL ALIVE, duh, and full of red vitamins!

    I’ll stay away from the market because my skates can’t make it up the hills without me rolling backwards STRAIGHT DOWN! Not with bags of groceries strapped on. I say no THANKS! And good luck cooking with those ingredients Christopher. I couldn’t see them lasting in your freezer for more than a week anyway, so use them while you can. But me, I’ve got peas in my ice chest from over 3 YEARS AGO! Talk about value!

  10. Where would an Echo Park troll live? Under the Sunset bridge? Oh right, on the internet.

  11. i live up the hill from here and will be so excited to walk a couple blocks to quality food like this to supplement my farmer’s market shopping or pick up an overlooked ingredient for an impromptu meal. save-a-lot might serve some customers, but with the parade of bad news out of the food industry, there are a lot of people excited about opportunities like this.

  12. This of high quality stores are just what we need in the area. I have been yearning for a store to pick up great bread, cheese, wine, flowers, danish, treats, the morning paper, etc. Very San Francisco and New York. What has taken so long??? And why is there not one in Silverlake????

  13. I wouldn’t bring my computer under that bridge I were you. No thanks no good element down there with tight jeans and short side haircuts. I’ll get my coffee AT HOME!

  14. The sexual tension between Joan and Christopher is palpable! One can only hope the writers get them together during sweeps week! But will Jake be jealous? Tune in to ABC and find out!

    (Also check out Cookbook. Went last night. Had a delicious dinner and a good poop.)

  15. Good news!
    Wine. Cheese and baguettes. Flowers etc…Nice!

  16. Ugh. The continual gentrification of Echo Park continues. They have much of this at the farmers market. Please move back to the westside… Give us back our neighborhood. Take your horrid co-op boutiques full over overpriced crafts and your unapetizing vegan restaurants with you.
    I give this stratification market one year. Enjoy your failure… There are those of us who are rooting for it.

  17. Mariska’s mean.

  18. @Christopher & Chandler- literally laughed out loud & all of my co-workers scoffed at me.

    Can’t wait to check this out!!

  19. One had to wonder when there someone would pop up with a “Back to the Westside with Ye” comment.
    Don’t worry, Cookbook. I think many in our neighborhood are excited to have you here as a great fresh food option and root for your success.

  20. Three questions for Mariska:

    1. What would you rather see in that space instead?
    2. Do you have a problem with Little Caesar? (Pizza Pizza, not Name Your Poison or Edward G. Robinson.)
    3. From the tone and tenor of your comment, I would think you might be one of those unbearably literal and inflexible types who insists that Echo Park technically IS “The Westside”, in the sense that it falls west of the LA River, etc etc. Am I wrong?

    Love you on SVU.

  21. mariska. you can be from the eastside and still want to eat fresh , local , organic food at a fair price. it is possible to have convenient dinner options that don’t include a super size meal to feed super size children. i for one , am glad to have this in echo park. can not wait to try them this weekend. for those of us who work during the day and can not make it to the farmers market, or need something during the rest of the week when the farmers market is not here, this is fantastic . welcome cookbook!

  22. So much to comment on:

    Echo Park residents are from the West side? When I moved to LA I moved to the East side in order to completely avoid the West side.

    I love Little Caesars, but really wish it was still a Pioneer, because fried chicken is always better than pizza.

    Cookbook has fresh milk and other dairy which is one of the only things that I have a hard time finding at local farmers markets. But you’re right, they do have a lot of this at the farmers market, so, good one?

    Joan: /Derp

  23. Also, “side haircuts”?

  24. Reply below:

    Side haircuts


  25. Hey People,

    I grew up here, I went to Logan, my whole family still lives here. The gentrification happened years ago, our neighborhood changed so much already- stop whining. It changed because of all the new people who moved here, so really, you have no right complain about something you’ve most likely caused.

    How can anyone complain about good food? That’s just ridiculous! We are happy there is somewhere good to get produce. The farmer’s market is awesome! If it is a problem to you don’t shop at these venues and stop putting your negativity on everyone else. It’s too late to go back to the way it was, and chances are you wouldn’t have lived here then, when it was dangerous and scary and you had to have street smarts to live here. No hanging out at the corner coffee shop (there was no corner coffee shop except for carmelos) for fear that you’d be shot. You’d have to actually pay attention to surroundings and not walk while chating on the cell phone. No walking up in Elysian park with your dogs off leash, no “The Echo”, no art galleries, no pizza except cardboard-ish slices, no complaining about gentrification. Our bars were scary then, not hip dive bars. Echo park was great at that time for those who knew and loved it, but it’s gone so just stop it.

    I’ve been meaning to rant about this for a while so thank you for reading.

  26. – I also moved to the eastside to avoid the westside and their healthy carrots.

    – Fried Chicken is good, and so is Pizza fries.

    – I can’t find ANY Tonka trucks neither at the farmer’s market. Who can point me in the right direction?

    – Side haircuts: Haircuts on the SIDE.

    – I don’t understand /derp. But I don’t understand most made up words.

  27. I’m totally with Joan on this one. What EP needs is more curly fries and less vegetables. I mean there’s only ONE McDonald’s fercrissakes!! I think the community would be better served with another McDs one a block away on Sunset.
    It’ll be one block closer and therefore less likely to break a sweat when I need to pick up a couple of Quarter Pounders for high tea.
    Damn hipsters with all their community improvement.
    Derpity Derp Derp.

    PS All hair needs to be parted in the middle. So sayteth the ‘real’ eastsiders.

  28. I’m with ranting.
    The rest of you, stop it already.

  29. Sorry to get in the middle of all of this but I just wanted to say that I really like this place. I walked there today and I was excited to buy some stuff. I took everything home, cooked it and it was all delicious! Yay!

  30. Tonight’s dinner with Cookbook ingredients:

    Haricot Verts (steamed)
    Fingerling potatoes (pan roasted with rendered bacon fat & tossed with rosemary from the garden)
    Pan fired pork chop (not from Cookbook, but from the butcher shop on Hillhurst recommended to be by the owners of Cookbook.)

  31. Christopher,”Tonight’s Meal”seems slightly hardy. I’m sure your waist will not thank you after consumption.

    I thought you’re only cooking with ingredients from Cookbook? FAIL, Chris, FAIL!

  32. There is plenty of room in our neighborhood for a place like this. I cannot believe the bread! It is so beautifully misshapen, with that smoky wood fire oven taste, elastic and airy and so good you don’t even need butter or olive oil. Had to stop myself eating the whole loaf in one go. If this becomes a habit, and I know it will, i must be sure to walk there and back to compensate for the extra calories.

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