Councilman Garcetti backs police action against Echo Park Lake vendors

Echo Park Lake swap meet vendors packing up after police issued warnings and citations. Photo by Echo Park resident.

Councilman Eric Garcetti issued a statement today backing the removal of vendors from Echo Park Lake on Sunday:

“Turning Echo Park into a marketplace forces kids to play in the street. A city like Los Angeles cannot afford to lose what little public green space we have. In a dense, urban community like the one surrounding Echo Park, the need is even greater. This is a neighborhood where backyards are a luxury. Echo Park serves families who have few options where their kids can safely play. My office is working with city departments to protect the park despite litigation that has hampered enforcement. One solution is to step-up enforcement of laws not affected by the pending litigation. This weekend’s action sent a loud and clear signal that we’re going to protect Echo Park for families, not commercial activity. At the same time, in these difficult economic times, we have been working with local non-profits, community development groups, and others to provide technical and other support to help aspiring small business owners establish legitimate businesses, while at the same time protecting public safety, public health and our neighborhood parks.”


  1. Thank you to Councilman Garcetti, his staff, the Echo Park Improvement Association, the City Attorney’s office, LAPD Rampart and all of the Echo Park community leaders who have been working on this issue diligently over the last year or so.


  2. Wonderful! As I said before, I really feel sorry for individuals who take the DASH with bags full of their wares to sell at the park and arriving around 12 pm or after they are too late. All the spots are gone and when the late comers find a suitable to display their items they are harassed by the other vendors because they have not paid for their spot.

  3. Logan Street resident

    I want to say thanks, too.

  4. Yay! Great response. Thank you all for your efforts, and thank you theeastsiderla.com for providing a forum for all of us to contribute our thoughts.

  5. why don’t the vendors organize themselves in elysian park where there is plenty of space for both vending and the general enjoyment of that huge park? i’ve lived in EP for years, and it’s out of control, dangerous seriously dangerous with kids and dogs running around through the cars and into the streets. hopefully it doesn’t take a loss of life for everyone to sort this out.

  6. Jose. What world do you live in. Garcetti and the City Attorney’s office have done nothing in the last year to stop this problem. But you are right about this part of your post. “LAPD Rampart and all of the Echo Park community leaders who have been working on this issue diligently over the last year or so.”

  7. I love how Garcetti’s office is trying to take credit for this. They have only been telling the community for the last year “our hands are tied, we can’t do anything”. I hear voices in my head. Mayor Garcetti, Mayor Garcetti.

  8. Citizen (tax paying)


    Well said. The council obviously ignored the issue for political reasons and now is attempting to act as if he has been fighting for the people who want the park to be a park for political reasons. Councilman you are not doing a good job of representing ALL the people of Echo Park.

  9. Yes, Garcietti like so often, comes up with some reason why it or he can’t do anything about a problem, for this, that or the other reason. And now, when someone else steps in and addresses it, all of a sudden Garcetti is right there trying to take credit for it as if it were his idea and initiative.

    This was NOT Garcetti’s idea or initiative. Garcetti’s concept of an idea or initiative for the community is to come up with an excuse why it can’t be done.

    This reminds me how he always says he can’t do anything to help Elysian Park, because it is not in his district (he lives a block outside the park!). Well, border situations, like Elysian Park, have ALWAYS been OK for BOTH council districts to work on, especially when the issue is one that primarily affects the district across the border. But Garcetti skews the unofficial Council rule as an excuse not to help out, again not taking care of his constituents.

  10. No matter what good community work is done in his distrct Garcetti’s office seems to show up in the end and take credit for it. Worst staff at City Hall.

  11. People do not have the right to commandeer public space for business ventures. Period.

    Thank God the city swept them out. Please continue doing so and keep the park free for RECREATIONAL activities.

  12. Are you kidding me? You think the worst staff in City Hall is Eric Garcetti’s???? HOw about Ed Reyes???? All of Angeleno Heights (the area actually impacted by the swap-meet) is in CD1 (Reyes District). He is absolutely useless. All Angeleno Heights residents know to call CD 13 (Garcetti) about anything that happens in the neighborhood because CD1 (Reyes) just ignores everything that happens in Angeleno Heights and/or in the Echo Park area. Unless Garcetti steps in, you are out of luck. Reyes is just absolutely absent, silent. Mum. Even minor issues or problem gets lost or worst, get excarcerbaed by the involvement of Reyes’ staff. So, if you, in Elysian Heights and Silver Lake, think that Garcetti is useless, think about how we — in Angeleno Heights feel?

  13. I have a nagging suspicion the Sunday Echo Park vending ended only because the right white people complained. I personally enjoyed the vending days. It felt every bit like COMMUNITY — swarms of people shopping, chatting, meeting, greeting, etc…No one’s safety was at risk. It drew working class families, the homeless, hipsters, those on a tight budget, those who got pleasure simply out of “window shopping”, if you will. I have gone to the Echo Park lake on Sunday since and it has been rendered a ghost town. I whole of about 5 people are walking about, listlessly. The so called clean-up has not drawn more people, families, children to the park — trust me. All it did was made things more boring — but that’s usually just what white people with money are.

  14. makes me happy to see that racism is not confined to the Tea Party. must be great going through life, unable to let something go.

  15. As someone who knows how to get things done in this byzantine city, damn straight, Bloom.

    While my race doesn’t have much to do with it, my blight-fighting gente will try to stay one step ahead of letting our fair city become the capitol of the third world.

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